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‘I don’t know what the f—k happened’ - Tyron Woodley talks loss to Colby Covington

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Tyron Woodley spoke briefly about his latest loss at UFC VEGAS 11.

Tyron Woodley lost to Colby Covington in another lackluster performance on Saturday night. The former champion again looked tentative and gun-shy for majority of the contest, and ended up injuring his rib at the fifth round of the contest.

Woodley, who was visibly in pain from his broken rib, briefly spoke about the bout as he was being transported to the hospital.

“I appreciate you guys – love you guys,” Woodley said during an Instagram live video session (transcribed by MMA Fighting). “It didn’t go the way I wanted guys. Last person I wanted to lose to.”

Woodley was still very good at defending and reacting to most of the strikes, and he still looked fast and explosive. For some reason though, he just again didn’t pull the trigger even on the times he made Covington miss.

“I don’t know what the f—k happened,” Woodley said. “It happened. Gotta dust it off, shake the s—t off and find a way.”

Woodley’s coaches kept imploring him to become more aggressive, but he just wouldn’t let his hands go, and it led to this third straight one-sided defeat. The 38-year-old former champion just hasn’t looked good since losing his belt, and Dana White stated that Woodley should seriously consider hanging up the gloves.