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Brock Lesnar opens as betting favorite over Fedor Emelianenko, huge underdog to Jon Jones

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Brock Lesnar has opened as a betting favorite over Fedor Emelianenko but is predicted to lose to Jon Jones.

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Brock Lesnar is back in the headlines after it was recently announced that the former UFC heavyweight champion is a free agent following “paused” negotiations with the WWE.

Lesnar hasn’t parted ways with WWE for good, but that hasn’t stopped the MMA community from theorising about a potential return to the UFC or perhaps embarking on a new career with Bellator.

UFC president Dana White has stated that he is willing to book Lesnar vs. Jones if both men are ‘seriously interested’ in the matchup and Bellator CEO Scott Coker would like to see Lesnar take on Fedor Emelianenko under the Bellator banner.

Sports betting website Bovada has added further fuel to the fire by posting odds for each rumored matchup, with Lesnar favored to beat Emelianenko but listed as a massive underdog against Jones.

Brock Lesnar -135

Fedor Emelianenko +105

Jon Jones -350

Brock Lesnar +265

Lesnar, 43, hasn’t fought since his 2016 heavyweight bout with Mark Hunt at UFC 200, which was overturned to a No Contest after Lesnar tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. The WWE superstar hasn’t officially won a fight in over 10 years but is still considered one of the biggest names in the sport.