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Ben Askren roasts Sean O’Malley right after hip surgery: ‘Toughen up a little bit, son’

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Fresh off hip surgery, Ben Askren deemed it necessary to send a message to his “older son” Sean O’Malley.

Ben Askren isn’t known to mince his words. A few days after UFC 252, the retired fighter called out his “son” Sean O’Malley for being carted out the arena in a stretcher.

O’Malley later issued his response, defending his decision to take the gurney ride out of the venue.

God, big Ben – I thought you were smarter. I didn’t know you were stupid.’ It’s just stupid. If you ask the smartest person in the world, you smash their foot and you say, ‘Do you want to walk over there or do you want to be carted?,’ they would take the cart.

This explanation didn’t seem to get to Askren, who once again roasted the 25-year-old prospect. And to drive the point home, he did right after a recent hip surgery. He didn’t even keep it PG-13 like he usually does.

“See, Sean O’Malley is faking an ankle injury. Needed a f—ng stretcher. I’m like four hours post-op for a new hip, Lisa’s got me walking already.

“Sean, toughen up a little bit, son.”

As he explained in a recent video, O’Malley had a case of drop foot where his right leg experienced momentary weakness. He pointed to his tight ankle brace and Chito Vera’s kick to his nerve as the reasons why his foot gave out.