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UFC Vegas 11 results: Donald Cerrone draws even with Niko Price

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Donald Cerrone vs. Niko Price ended with a majority draw in the UFC Vegas 11 co-main event.

UFC Fight Night: Cerrone v Price Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

The UFC Vegas 11 co-main event was the setting where MMA veteran Donald Cerrone and fellow killer Niko Price went the distance in a scrappy and competitive affair. This was predominantly a standup war, with both men landing their respective techniques. Price had a strong start in the first round, but also lost a point in the same frame for consecutive eye pokes. When the dust settled, one judge saw the fight 29-28 for Cerrone, while the other two judges scored the bout a 28-28 draw.

Price pressed the action early, going right at the veteran with hard knees and elbows. Price started winging hooks and was landing clean. Cowboy weathered the storm and slowed the attack a little bit with a knee to Price’s midsection. They clinched up against the clinch where both men recovered from the output and damage. An accidental eye poke to Cerrone brought a brief pause to the fight, but Cerrone didn’t want to take much time away. The punches of Cerrone began to land as Price kept swinging with power. Price again poked Cowboy in the eye, bringing another pause to the fight. The referee took a point from Price for the infraction.

The second round saw a much slower start than we got in the first round. Cowboy was pumping out basic jab-cross-hook combos while Price was looking to score with some funky techniques. Cerrone mixed in some takedowns attempts. He wasn’t getting them, but it was something else for Niko to think about. The output of Price stayed steady and his pressure was constant. Cowboy was scoring too, but nothing he landed seemed to cause much damage.

Cowboy shot in for a takedown in the final round, but Price was again able to stay on his feet. Price stayed in Cowboy’s face, not giving him the space he needs to set up his kicks. Then, we got a double eye poke that gave both fighters a brief break. Cerrone shot in on the restart and took the back with Niko standing. Price shucked him off to get back to his feet. The fighters exchanged for the remaining time, with each man landing his respective combos.

Donald Cerrone vs. Niko Price decision went to a majority draw (29-27, 28-28 x2): Welterweight