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Israel Adesanya joins Anthony Joshua on Hot Ones’ Truth or Dab; says Costa uses ‘extra supplements’

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Watch as Israel Adesanya and Anthony Joshua tried some crazy hot sauces from a popular food and interview web series.

Israel Adesanya and Anthony Joshua were both guests at First We Feast’s popular YouTube series Hot Ones: Truth or Dab. The two combat sports champions tried fiery hot sauces while answering questions from host Sean Evans.

The two fighters’ personalities shined on the entertaining web series. Adesanya and Joshua claimed their Nigerian roots helped prepare them for the intense hot sauces, and both willingly ingested millions of scovilles even when the game didn’t call for it.

As part of the topics discussed, Adesanya revealed that Dana White being “very emotional” have both been a good thing and his “most annoying habit.” He also said that Paulo Costa was one of the dirtiest fighters in MMA.

“The dirtiest fighter in the sport. There’s a few, even the guy I’m fighting next,” Adesanya said. “Like I said, I’m gonna pop him before USADA does, but he has definitely got some extra supplements south of the border that he takes.

“I just got tested last night. I don’t understand the stress it takes to cheat.”

The UFC middleweight champ Adesanya will face Costa at UFC 253 on September 26, while the heavyweight boxing champ in Joshua reportedly has a mandatory title defense against Kubrat Pulev in December.