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UFC Vegas 10 results & video: Azaitar TKO’s Worthy, Herman subs Rodriguez after controversial foul

On the UFC Vegas 10 main card, Ottman Azaitar stopped Khama Worthy in 93-seconds, and Ed Herman submitted Mike Rodriguez after a controversial foul was called earlier in the fight.

UFC Fight Night: Herman v Rodriguez Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

UFC Vegas 10 is almost over and the co-main event just witnessed Ottman Azaitar make quick work of Khama Worthy, pulling out a 93-second TKO. Azaitar unleashed a flurry of heavy hooks that had Worthy in big trouble early in the first round. He never let his opponent off the hook and secured himself the swift finish. Now improving his flawless record to 13-0, 12 of them by way of finish, Azaitar is proving to be one of the lightweight division’s most exciting prospects.

Before that, the UFC’s #9 ranked women’s flyweight, Andrea Lee, and the #8 rated, Roxanne Modafferi, went the distance for the second time in a back and forth affair. Modafferi had a strong start in the opening round, with Lee coming back in the second act. The final round was close, with Lee landing more significant strikes on the feet early, and then Modafferi getting a takedown and chipping away from the top for almost two-minutes. When the dust settled, it was Modafferi who walked away with the unanimous decision victory.

We got some controversy in the light heavyweight division when Ed Herman dropped from a knee to the body from Mike Rodriguez in the second round — but the referee called it a low blow and gave the veteran time to recover from the phantom infraction. Herman fought on and ended up pulling off an incredible third-round Kimura to get the win. What would have happened had the referee not called that foul? As it stands, this is still a miraculous comeback and has Herman riding a three-fight winning wave.

Also on the main card, the lightweight division witnessed Bobby Green outclassing Alan Patrick on his way to a unanimous decision. Green won the wrestling battle, the grappling exchanges, as well as the striking war leaving Patrick with few answers. He walked away with three scores of 30-27 for his third straight victory this year. Opening up the main card, Billy Quarantillo pulled off a clean third-round knockout on Kyle Nelson. After Nelson started hot, Quarantillo slowly gained control of the bout, and then landed a crisp jab-cross that put Nelson out. Quarantillo has now won all three of his UFC bouts, and his winning streak extends to eight.

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Main card:

Ottman Azaitar def. Khama Worthy by TKO at 1:33 of round 1: Lightweight

There was a bit of feeling out to get things going here, but man did they heat up quickly. Azaitar pressed forward with a series of hooks, landing blow after blow. Worthy tried to clinch up but he was getting overwhelmed and hit the deck. Azaitar kept throwing punches and the referee stepped in ti stop the fight. Eek!

Roxanne Modafferi def. Andrea Lee by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): (W) Flyweight

Lee lost her mouthpiece in the opening sequence of the fight. She put it back in and the scrap began. Lee looked to use her long punches and kicks to stay at range, while Modafferi used her punches to close the distance. Lee hit a throw, but couldn’t keep Modafferi down for very long. Roxy ended up hitting a clinch takedown and controlled from the top, chipping away with small punches. Lee reversed the position just before the bell.

The second round saw the fighters go toe to toe in the center of the Octagon. Modafferi was throwing a lot of punching flurries, with lee landing single long punches and leg kicks. Lee rocked her foe with a spinning backfist that wobbled Roxy, and then she started to pour on some volume. With about 30-seconds left int he round, Modafferi hit a takedown to finish the round on top.

The final round began with the flyweights trading some more. They exchanged clean uppercuts early on, but then Lee began to land with her long range strikes. Jabs and crosses were followed by kicks to the legs and body. Modafferi had a more one dimensional boxing approach, but she did hit a takedown with about two-minutes to go in the fight. Lee worked her way up to her feet, but Roxy dragged her right back down tot he floor. Lee avoided any major damage and managed to reverse into top position just before the bell.

Ed Herman def. Mike Rodriguez by submission (Kimura) at 4:01 of round 3: Light Heavyweight

The 205-pounders danced around each other a bit, looking for openings. Herman was trying to find a way on the inside while Rodriguez was sniping from the outside. In the clinch, Rodriguez landed some stinging elbows to the face and strong knees to the body. Rodriguez landed another damaging elbow on the inside, this time sending Herman stumbling. Miraculously, Herman recovered without issue.

Herman punched his way into the clinch to start the second round. There, they exchanged knees to the body, with both men finding success. Rodriguez gave up a takedown, but he didn’t stay there for very long. He cracked his foe with a liver kick and looked to stay at range. Rodriguez landed a hard knee to the body to which Herman dropped down, but the referee thought it was a blow to the cup. Regardless, Herman was given the five-minutes to recover, and the veteran took every bit of it. The fight resumed and Rodriguez aggressively attacked the body with kicks. He then blasted Herman with another knee to the body that dropped him, but he couldn’t finish the fight before the bell.

Herman got himself an early takedown to start the final round. Rodriguez worked up to his feet and started dropping a bunch of elbows as Herman was dying on a takedown. The referee warned Herman to do something. Rodriguez took top position but Herman attacked with a Kimura. Rodriguez tried to spin out of it but Herman stuck with it and started to torque away. Rodriguez tapped. Wow!

Bobby Green def. Alan Patrick by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Lightweight

Patrick tried to bull rush a takedown but ended up on his back because of it. He stood back to his feet and tried to work another takedown, but Green fought it off and achieved a scooping takedown of his own. Patrick worked back to his feet and went right back to forcing a takedown. Green was able to fend off those attempts to put Patrick on his back again. Green let his foe up with about eight seconds left int he round, and dropped Patrick with a right hand.

It didn’t take very long for Green to achieve top position in the seocnd act. There he continued to rack up control time, until Patrick finally exploded to his feet. The fighters began to take turns throwing single punches at one another. Green wobbled his opponent in one of the exchanges towards the end of the round, but Patrick recovered really quickly from it.

Green got himself a another quick takedown in the third stanza. He controlled for a bit before the bout returned to its feet. They clinched up where Green was able to score with a couple of knees to the body. In open space, Patrick partially landed with a head kick and got himself takedown right after. Green quickly stood up and let his hands go as Patrick looked quite labored.

Billy Quarantillo def. Kyle Nelson by KO at :07 of round 3: Featherweight

Nelson went right at Quarantillo with heavy right handed haymakers. They stalled out a bit in the clinch against the cage, but when they separated it was Quarantillo’s turn to throw some heat. They locked up again and neutralized one another, but when they broke apart it was Quarantillo winging strikes. Nelson was backing up, which opened up the takedown for Quarantillo. When Nelson stood to his feet, Quarantillo accidentally kneed him in the cup, resulting in a timeout. When the fight resumed, Nelson landed a couple of strikes in the little bit of time he had left.

The fighters went right back to trading in the second round. Both men were throwing volume, but both men were also wearing the damage well. It was Quarantillo that switched things up and shot in for the takedown. Nelson remained vertical, but ate a couple of knees and an elbow with his back to the fence. Quarantillo got his takedown, but Nelson was quick to spring back up to his feet. Nelson ate several more elbows to the face before finally freeing himself. All of the momentum was on the side of Quarantillo by the end of the round. Quarantillo opened the final round with a jab to cross that absolutely separated Nelson from his senses. There was no need for any followup because Nelson was done.