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Derrick Lewis after setting new UFC heavyweight record: ‘I got to take a s—t’

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Derrick Lewis had another memorable post-fight interview after UFC VEGAS 6: ‘LEWIS VS. OLEINIK wrapped up.

Derrick Lewis is known to have these weird and hilarious moments after fights, and his post-fight interview on Saturday’s main event win was no different. Shortly after his brutal TKO win over Aleksei Oleinik, Lewis was on video telling the world he needed to empty his bowels.

“Yo I got to take a shit,” Lewis said as soon as his post-fight interview started.

“He had that British Bulldog... whatever the hell that is, that head submission he had on me. He had it pretty deep. I couldn’t breathe at all. Shit, I’m just glad the time ran out.”

Apart from hilarious interviews, Lewis is also well known for his punching power. With the win, “The Black Beast” now holds the most TKO wins in UFC heavyweight history.

“It feels good (to have that record), especially knowing I’m not where I’m supposed to be at,” he said. “I’m not going to take anymore fights until I walk around at 250, 245 range. I’ve got to get down at least 15, 20 lbs.”

Lewis (24-7, 1 NC) now has 11 knockouts in the UFC, going past the previous heavyweight record set by both former champions Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos.