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UFC Vegas 6 results and video: Derrick Lewis TKO’s Alexey Oleinik in round 2

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Derrick Lewis just stopped Alexey Oleinik with strikes in the second round of the UFC Vegas 6 main event.

The UFC Vegas 6 main event just witnessed the company’s #4 ranked heavyweight, Derrick Lewis, knocking out the #10 ranked, Alexey Oleinik, in the seocnd round. Lewis had to overcome some early submission attempts in the first round, but passed his Fight IQ test with flying colors. It was a massive right hand that dropped Oleinik and set up the fight-ending ground strikes. Lewis now owns the UFC record for most knockouts, as well as advances his winning streak to three-straight.

Lewis opened the bout with a massive head kick followed by an aggressive flurry. They clinched up and Lewis rag doll’d Oleinik down to the ground. Lewis hung out on top in half guard, until Oleinik stood up and hit a single leg of his own. Oleinik locked up a scarf hold, but Lewis exploded out of it and back on top. He landed a barrage of punches before Oleinik reversed back into side control. Oleinik squeezed with another scarf hold, but Lewis hung tough and escaped the round. Lewis started the second round with a flying knee followed by a haymaker that floored Oleinik. Lewis pounced with a series of brutal ground strikes that knocked Oleinik silly. Eek!

Derrick Lewis def. Alexey Oleinik by TKO at :21 of round 2: Heavyweight