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Derrick Lewis on Aleksei Oleinik: ‘I’m going to come out balls blazing’

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Derrick Lewis isn’t coming out all guns blazing against Aleksei Oleinik, he’s coming out all balls blazing at UFC Vegas 6, this weekend.

Fan favorite UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis has explained why being ‘trigger shy’ in his past few fights has led to his plan to come out ‘balls blazing’ against Aleksei Oleinik at this weekend’s UFC Vegas 6 event.

Lewis (23-7, 1NC) didn’t reach the judges’ scorecards once in his first 13 UFC appearances, but both of the heavyweight’s last wins have come by decision. Known for his entertaining personality and knockout power, Lewis spoke at the UFC Vegas 6 media day about why he’s not been able to pull the trigger in his last few fights.

“I’ve been trigger shy,” Lewis said. “I was a new creature. A different type of body coming into the octagon, feeling different, lighter, feeling faster and just wanted to test it out.” (Transcription via MMA Fighting)

“The Black Beast” also touched on why the coronavirus has led to him implementing new training methods for his fight with Oleinik.

“It really just helped me actually,” Lewis said. “I brought a bicycle and I’ve been cycling a lot early in the morning like doing 20 miles a day. It really helped me a lot.”

Adamant that he will show off a new part of his game on Saturday night, Lewis who infamously told commentator Joe Rogan his ‘balls was hot’ in his post-fight interview at UFC 229 said he will come out ‘balls blazing’ this weekend.

“I think you’ll see something you haven’t seen from me in a long time in the octagon,” Lewis said. “I’m going to come out balls blazing. Something crazy. Something different. You’ll see something different that you haven’t seen before. That’s all.”