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Video: Fighting to Survive Part 4 - Onslaught of the mini-vampires

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Elias Theodorou has an awful night in the Canadian wilderness.

In the fourth and final installment of Fighting Survive, UFC and TUF veteran Elias Theodorou endures a solo night in the bush. But he gets rewarded for his suffering, the chance to show his survival mentor, Les Stroud of Survivorman fame, what it’s like in his world: the fighting ring.

In the last episode, Elias continued to struggle with making camp and avoiding the unavoidable bugs of the northern Ontario bush. Additionally, Elias struggled with his drinking water supply. The fighter resorted to drinking straight from the stream at one point.

In this episode we see Elias’ night in the wild. He doesn’t sleep a wink and wakes up feeling pretty rough. But he’s survived. After that he and Les, who admits that the night was tougher than he expected, trek back to civilization.

Then they make their way to Harrow Performance in Huntsville. There Elias teaches Les some of what he knows. They train and then spar together. Elias had threatened Les with a beating in the ring, but when it came to crunch time, the former TUF Nations winner went easy on him.

After the sparring session, Elias talks about what he has learned from this experience and how he might apply his time in the wilderness to his MMA career and life moving forwards.

You can watch the previous episodes below:

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