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Video: Is the UFC screwing Aljamain Sterling?

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Aljamain Sterling has the resume and the winning streak. When will he get his title shot?

We take a look at what the UFC is doing with the Bantamweight division and specifically the title picture.

Aljamain Sterling won in dominant fashion over Cory Sandhagen with an amazing first round submission. He has been on an absolute tear over the last couple of years and Dana White had made some comments that seemed to point to Sterling getting his long awaited title shot after that win at UFC 251.

We then had another event where White started to change his tune.

Petr Yan defeated Jose Aldo winning the vacant Bantamweight title. Which is where started hearing different things from the UFC president.

Since then Sterling has been campaigning for a title shot in a lot of ways from twitter to videos and more.

In this video we go into why Sterling seems to be the clear number one contender and that if they pass him up they are ‘screwing’ him.

We break down the records of the top of the Bantamweight division, looking into all their resumes, their motivations and what’s on the menu for many of the elite of the division.

Do you think Sterling is next for the title against Petr Yan?