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Tyron Woodley hints at KO win for Mike Tyson: ‘If Tyson touches anybody, they’re going down’

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“I think if Mike Tyson touches anybody, they’re going down no matter how old he is.”

UFC 235: Press Conference Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Legendary heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson will return to the boxing ring next month to face 51-year-old veteran Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout, and Tyron Woodley thinks ‘Iron Mike’ will put on a show.

Despite not having fought in over fifteen years, ‘T-Wood’ believes Tyson, 54, still has the power to shut out the lights of any man he touches in the boxing ring.

“I’ve studied them so much,” Woodley said on a recent episode of Mike Swick’s podcast (h/t Abhinav Kini of The Body Lock MMA). “I’ve watched so many films, so many fights with both of them. I think if Mike Tyson touches anybody, they’re going down no matter how old he is. I just don’t see him not touching Roy at some point in the fight.”

“I don’t want to take one,” Woodley said of Tyson’s power. “No college prank on Earth is worth dying. It’s a punch that the most terrible pedophile criminals on Earth should have to stay there and let Mike Tyson punch them one time. If they go, they go — that’s how serious his punch is. I agree with you for the exact same reason — the life-changing power that Tyson has.

“He [Jones] could try and gas out Tyson but I don’t see him being in that much better shape either, you know?”

Tyson vs. Jones Jr. will be available to purchase on pay-per-view for $50. The eight-round, exhibition boxing match will take place next month, Sept. 12 at Dignity Health Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California.