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UFC Vegas 8 video highlights: Aleksandar Rakic owns Anthony Smith in decision win

Check out the full fight video highlights of Aleksandar Rakic vs. Anthony Smith from the UFC Vegas 8 main event.

UFC Vegas 8 is officially over with and the main event just witnessed the promotion’s #8 ranked light heavyweight, Aleksandar Rakic, handle the #5 ranked Anthony Smith for three-straight rounds. Rakic landed several hard leg kicks in the opening round. He hit Smith so hard that the veteran was forced to drop down to the canvas. Rakic could not sniff out a finish however, and Smith was able to use his grappling to recover. Smith landed a big right hand in the second round, but shortly after that it was Rakic who enjoyed top position again and dominated from there for the rest of the match.

Check out Dayne Fox’s play-by-play of the first round of Anthony Smith vs. Aleksandar Rakic:

Round 1

Rakic opens with a trifecta of low kicks. Smith gets one of his own before Rakic gets off a plethora of kicks to the body and legs. Rakic goes high. Some punches finally traded. Leg kicks clash. Rakic kicks Smith out from his base. Smith holding his leg like it’s injured. Smith latches onto Rakic’s leg to prevent him from unloading. Rakic with a few body shots. Smith up to his feet and tries to take Rakic’s back. Rakic shakes him off, eventually working his way into Smith’s guard. Rakic folding up Smith’s leg to keep him from wrapping both legs around his body. Smith gets his leg out, but now Rakic has the other leg trapped. Good head position from Rakic and he lands a few body shots. Smith doing a good job of negating Rakic’s attack. Smith lands a good punch as Rakic looks to improve position, but Rakic lands some heavy shots before the round ends. Rakic 10-9

Alexander Rakic defeated Anthony Smith via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)