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Video: Ex-boxing champ Yoan Pablo Hernandez, brother of UFC’s Yoel Romero, loses comeback by KO

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Hernandez took on former title challenger Kevin Johnson in Germany.

SES Boxing Night Magdeburg Photo by Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images

Did you know UFC standout Yoel Romero has a half-brother who used to be one of the best boxing cruiserweights in the world? Well unfortunately Yoan Pablo Hernandez’s return to the ring went very poorly over the weekend.

Hernandez (29-2, 14 KOs) , competing for the first time since 2014 due to a series of injuries, moved up to heavyweight to take on veteran and former title challenger Kevin Johnson (35-17-1, 18 KOs) in Magdeberg, Germany. Johnson was on a five-fight losing streak and at this stage of his career he’s usually just a punching bag for prospects and historically he has been hard to actually knockout.

Even though Hernandez had been out of the ring for six years, Johnson had just one win over an opponent with a winning record since 2014, so Yoan’s previous credentials as the former IBF cruiserweight champion was evidently reason enough for him to be installed as the comfortable favorite.

Needless to say, Hernandez was both rusty and bad. Johnson was unusually aggressive and Hernandez couldn’t cope. A knockdown in the fourth round firmly established Johnson’s lead in the contest, then a big left hook in the seventh round assured that Hernandez’s comeback would be spoiled.

Watch the video below:

Perhaps such a defeat may lead to the 35-year-old Hernandez heading back into retirement.