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Werdum hails Fedor heavyweight GOAT, predicts another first-round submission win in Bellator

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Fabricio Werdum is confident in another first-round submission victory over Fedor Emelianenko.

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Fabricio Werdum’s tenure with the UFC has come to an end and the former heavyweight champion is looking to sign with Bellator MMA for a super fight with Fedor Emelianenko, who he previously submitted under the Strikeforce banner in 2010.

Werdum, who submitted Emelianenko in the first round of their 2010 heavyweight matchup, forecasts a similar victory over ‘The Last Emperor’ in their all-but-confirmed rematch.

“I respected Fedor for a long time,” Werdum told MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin in a recent interview. “I never said bad things about him, never in my life. I respect him a lot. But I believe the rematch with him, it’s history for the sport. When I beat him in 2010, I shocked the world, and maybe I shock the world again.

“I believe I finish him in the first round again. I’ll finish him quickly again, cause I’m very confident. When I have the training and my mind is OK, I go in there and this is my life. I love fighting. I love to fight every time. Respect first, but I believe I beat him in the first round again.”

Werdum still considers Emelianenko to be the greatest heavyweight of all time despite the UFC labelling Stipe Miocic heavyweight GOAT following his decision win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 252 earlier this month.

“You know why [I’ll fight him again]? Because he said he wanted the rematch, and I loved the idea because I told you, respect with fighters is very important,” Werdum said. “He never said bad things about me. He never talks too much. He just goes in there to fight. My opinion, he’s the greatest in the world.

Stipe Miocic is the champion today, but greatest of all time is Fedor Emelianenko for sure.”

Werdum officially entered free agency following his submission win over Alexander Gustafsson at UFC Fight Island 3, so expect the Brazilian to formalize his move to Bellator in the coming weeks.