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Edwards calls for street fight with ‘journeyman’ Masvidal: Let’s fight on YouTube for no money

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Leon Edwards has called out Jorge Masvidal for a street fight.

Leon Edwards thinks Jorge Masvidal’s ‘Street Jesus’, ‘Bad Motherf-cker’ act is just that — an act.

Edwards has been calling for a fight with Masvidal ever since their backstage scuffle at UFC Fight Night London last year, but ‘Gamebred’, who hit ‘Rocky’ with a ‘three piece and a soda’, has been dismissive of the matchup.

Edwards is getting tired of Masvidal’s excuses and took to social media on Sunday to call for a street with the UFC ‘BMF’ champ.

“I’m ranked above and heading for my 9th win in a row so you know it gets you closer to the title beating me. But keep hiding behind the ‘it does nothing for us’ excuse you and your whole b*tch made team keep using because you know I’ll f*ck you up.

“Has everyone realized the whole Street Jesus hard man sh*t was all just marketing yet? And Masvidal is actually a shit journeyman? Or people still think he’s good?

“Fuck it Jorge let’s fight, no money, mutual location, film it, bang it on YouTube, public will see your a pussy #letsgetit,” Edwards posted in a series of tweets directed at Masvidal.

Masvidal stepped in as a short notice replacement against welterweight champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 251, but lost the bout via unanimous decision. The 35-year-old has since called for a rematch, but ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ doesn’t appear interested in the matchup.

Edwards is on a nine-fight win streak but hasn’t fought since his unanimous decision win over Rafael dos Anjos at UFC on ESPN 4 last year. The Brit is ranked #3 in the official UFC welterweight rankings.