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Pedro Munhoz wants ‘fair’ rematch, thinks Frankie Edgar’s name value swayed judges

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For Pedro Munhoz, Frankie Edgar’s name value may have swayed the judges at UFC Vegas 7 to score their fight in favor of the former champion.

It was a disappointing night at the office for Pedro Munhoz at UFC Vegas 7 on Saturday. The top-ranked bantamweight lost via split decision to former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, who was making his 135-pound debut.

Munhoz knew he did everything to come out with the win, but felt that Edgar’s name value may have swayed the judges’ decision.

“I just want fair things. I just don’t want to lose to people that have a better reputation than I do, or people that is a former champion,” Munhoz told reporters during the UFC Vegas 7 post-fight scrum. “That’s my point. I want it just fair. Fair scores.

“I can’t be a hundred percent sure about it, (but) once you see that (out of) 20 media members, 17 gave me that fight… the only thing that I can think of right now, this exact moment, is just the reputation. His name, legend.”

Munhoz did give Edgar his due credit, but he wants to run it back if the opportunity arises.

“He seems very healthy, he seems very strong,” Munhoz said of Edgar. “Good cardio, a lot of good skills. He definitely belongs in the top five of the division.

“I’m always ready to fight anyone. I never chose any opponent. I’m down to fight anyone, anytime. That would be good if we would have the rematch.”

Munhoz did take home a $50,000 bonus for Fight of the Night honors.