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Video: Watch Frankie Edgar edge Pedro Munhoz to win bantamweight debut in UFC main event

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Frankie Edgar looks like a true bantamweight at UFC Vegas 7.

Frankie Edgar looked good at bantamweight, making many question what would’ve happened if he dropped down to 135 lbs years ago. The former lightweight champion still looked fast and had great conditioning at his new weight division, and more importantly he wasn’t giving up a massive size and strength disadvantage anymore.

That being said, while Edgar looks like he belongs at 135 lbs, it was still a very close fight that many had scored for Pedro Munhoz. In the end though, Edgar’s volume played better for the judges, and he won a split decision in Saturday’s UFC Vegas 7 main event.

Watch highlights below, along with a snippet from our play-by-play of the contest:

Round 5 - Munhoz keeps up the pressure but misses on the head kick. More sterling takedown defense by Munhoz. Left hand upstairs for Edgar. Big shots land for both men and I think Edgar got the better of that exchange. Leg kick and body kick by Munhoz. Right hand over the top by Edgar. Huge right from Edgar but Munhoz just keeps coming forward and looking unfazed. Spinning backfist by Edgar is blocked. Munhoz goes on the attack but Edgar dodges most of those shots. Wicked body shot by Munhoz. Jab by Munhoz. Uppercut sneaks in for Edgar. Left hook catches Edgar pretty hard, as does a right hand. Munhoz starting to turn it up and he lands a jab. Right hand by Edgar catches Munhoz quite well! Final minute to go. Munhoz getting in some good power shots. Right hand again for Edgar and a body kick by Munhoz. Righ hand, leg kick, and a missed spinning kick by Pedro to end this one. 49-46 Munhoz.

Official result: Frankie Edgar def. Pedro Munhoz by split decision (48-47 Edgar, 49-46 Munhoz, 48-47 Edgar)