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UFC on ESPN 15 results: Frankie Edgar edges out Pedro Munhoz in close standup war

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Frankie Edgar just took a tough split decision over Pedro Munhoz in the UFC on ESPN 15 main event.

The UFC on ESPN 15 main event was the setting where the promotion’s former lightweight champ, Frankie Edgar, took a tough split decision over the #5 ranked bantamweight, Pedro Munhoz, in a predominantly standup affair. Both men were able to implement their respective games, but neither man was quite able to take over or dish out fight-altering damage. Nonetheless, it was Edgar who did enough to sway two of the three judges to get the nod. Can a 38-year-old Edgar actually make a run at 135-pounds?

Munhoz took the center of the Octagon and marched forward, but Edgar was finding success on the outside with counter punches. Munhoz kept pressuring, landing with his right hand on several occasions. He couldn’t help but walk himself into counters though, so this round was pretty close.

Edgar let his hands go early I'm the second act, piecing up Munhoz and causing some bleeding around the left eye. This did not deter Munhoz and he got back to pressuring Edgar. The footwork of the former lightweight champ prevented Munhoz from landing the bulk of his strikes, and also opened up some counter striking opportunities. Munhoz landed a shot to the cup right before the bell, and then got in a knee before the referee could acknowledge the foul.

Munhoz stayed true to his pressuring style in the third round, throwing a bunch of leg kicks and doing his best to stay in Edgar’s face. Edgar had his moments of three-punch combos landing, but they didn’t seem to equate to the same sort of damage as the offense of Munhoz.

Munhoz really pumped his jab in the fourth frame. He would double and triple up on it, and then follow up with a leg kick. Those combination counters from Edgar weren’t landing like they were earlier in the fight. He was finding success when he came forward, but Munhoz started doing a solid job of countering those flurries.

Edgar saw early success in the final round, landing several multi-punch combinations. Munhoz regained control of the center of the Octagon and Edgar was wearing it on his face. Munhoz was a lot more busted up himself at this point, but both men kept throwing. Neither man was able to really take over as the momentum would constantly, and quite evenly, flow back and forth, with both gas tanks holding up down the stretch.

Frankie Edgar def. Pedro Munhoz by split decision (48-47 x2, 46-49): Bantamweight