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UFC on ESPN 15 prelims results & video: Wright gashes open Villanueva, Jones rallies to stop Valiev

Check out the results and highlights from the UFC on ESPN 15 prelims, where Jordan Wright defeated Ike Villanueva by way of cut, and Trevin Jones rallied to stop Timur Valiev.

The UFC on ESPN 15 preliminary card just finished up in the strawweight division with Amanda Lemos using her boxing to get the best of Mizuki Inoue in a unanimous decision. On top of showcasing some heat in her hands, Lemos also showed off some strong takedown defense as Mizuki was out there looking to close the distance. It was a strong outing for Lemos, who after a bantamweight hiccup in her promotional debut, has now won two-straight.

Also on the prelims, Jordan Wright made good on his UFC debut by stopping Ike Villanueva by way of cut in the first round. Wright opened the bout with a stellar spinning kick to the face to score a knockdown, and then followed up with brutal knees from the clinch that opened up a huge fight-ending gash in the forehead of Villanueva. Wright seems like he’s going to be a lot of fun!

Opening up the event, UFC newcomer Trevin Jones overcame a crippling body shot in the opening round to drop and pound out Timur Valiev in the second. Valiev wasn’t totally out, but by the time he started to actually improve his position the referee was already stopping the fight. Nonetheless, Jones has made a spectacular debut on just eight-days notice.

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Amanda Lemos def. Mizuki Inoue by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Strawweight

Mizuki started out by backing up Lemos to the fence and delivering small knees to the thigh. Upon the break, Lamos landed a couple of clean kicks to the body. Then, a big right hand landed right on the chin of Mizuki, knocking her to the floor. After fighting off an armbar attempt, Lemos opted to let Inoue stand back to her feet. Just before the bell, Lemos hit a toss to put a stamp on the round.

Inoue went back to her wall attack in the second act. She shoved her foe against the fence and landed several quality shots. Lemos ended up finding top position, and held the position for a bit without doing much with it. Back on the feet, Lemos continued to be the harder puncher, even if she still struggled to get her back off the cage.

Mizuki again tried to stall out her opponent against the cage to start the final round. Lemos did a great job of getting back to open space where she could fire off some combos. Mizuki stayed true to her gameplan and put Lemos’ back on the chain links once again. She worked hard for a takedown, but Lemos defended well and freed herself into open space. When it came to the striking, Lemos was by far the more impactful puncher, which is likely why Mizuki kept looking to clinch up.

Jordan Wright def. Ike Villanueva by TKO (Cut) at 1:31 of round 1: Light Heavyweight

Villanueva pressed forward right away, but walked right into a spinning kick that dropped him. Wright went in for the kill immediately, and started to land all sorts of damaging strikes in the clinch. He ended up slicing open Villanueva really badly, prompting the referee to bring in the doctor to take a look. The doctor didn’t like what he saw and recommended that the fight be stopped.

Matthew Semelsberger def. Carlton Minus by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-28): Welterweight

Semelsberger took the center of the cage and looked to land his hands. Minus responded with quick hands of his own, cutting open Semelsberger around the eye. Semelsberger started to pick up the pace, landing a lot more and backing up Minus.

Semelsberger came out working his inside and outside leg kicks in the second act. He was really flowing and seemed to be in control. Just when Minus went to swing back, Semelsberger clipped him with a counter right hand to score the knockdown. Semelsberger dove in and took the back, but Minus remained calm and eventually returned to his feet.

Minus got off to a good start in the final round. He got to work with his volume, throwing low power but high percentage strikes. Semelsberger switched gears and blasted a takedown, but Minus was able to break free without sustaining much damage. They traded back and forth for a bit, and then slugged it out for the final 10-seconds.

Trevin Jones def. Timur Valiev by TKO at 1:59 of round 2: 140-pounds

Valiev came out leading the dance, taking the center of the Octagon and pumping out a ton of variety. Valiev hurt Jones to the body, and began pouring on the punishment. The referee gave Jones every opportunity to recover, while Valiev landed all sorts of high octane offense. Jones somehow survived and got himself a takedown to ride out the round.

Jones went right back to the takedown to start the seocnd round, but Valiev was able to stuff it. Valiev blasted away with more powerful leg kicks as he backed up Jones to the cage. Then, a massive counter right hand from Jones floored Valiev. Jones pounced with some ground strikes, and as Valiev was trying to move, the referee had already decided to stop the bout.