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Former coach says ‘snitch’ Jon Jones bragged about getting him fired from other job

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Former JacksonWink coach Frank Lester still has some issues with former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

In late 2019, former JacksonWink coach Frank Lester dropped some accusations on Jon Jones. According to Lester, the former light heavyweight champion only gave him $7,000 out of the supposed amount of over $13,000 for the work he did for the Thiago Santos fight at UFC 239.

Lester continued to put Jones and Greg Jackson on blast in another tirade early this year. And by the looks of things, this saga won’t end anytime soon.

In a recent instagram post that was eventually deleted, Lester claimed Jones continued to harass him through quick phone calls just to drop insults. He even included a screenshot for proof.

Frank Lester Jon Jones phone call

He ended the lengthy post by challenging Jones to a bare-knuckle boxing match.

Tired of the bullshit... Tired of this coward. He called me late this past Saturday evening. I answered, he said, “Frank?” “Yeah what’s up?” “I heard you getting kicked out of gyms in Florida, Just know, that’s me! And then Jon hung up.

From there we exchanged some more texts & phone calls. He initiated calling me. I didn’t contact him first nor had I thought about his bitch ass since he ripped me off 13k for the Thiago Santos UFC Title Defense. After the fight he thanked me during the post fight press conference, always complimented what a great job I was during throughout the entire 12 week fight camp.

I studied countless hours of @tmarretamma fight footage everyday watching his fights to learn what he does & how he reacts to everything. I used all that information to emulate Thiago during countless hours of drilling and hard sparring. I was promised 20K before we started our 12 week camp. It took Jon about 3 months to pay all the coaches & I received a check for a measly 7k.

What kind of scumbag renegotiates by himself after services are rendered. Fuck boy is obviously still butt hurt I chose to leave the team when he refused to pay me the rest of the money I had already earned. So I moved to Florida for a fresh start & was fortunate enough to start training w/ @sugarashadevans &@tyrone_spong. So I’m cool’n bruh

@jonnybones Listen Pussy!!!! STOP slandering my name bc I left bum ass JW & ur wack ass crew, Go back to Playing call of duty in the desert with ur friends, shooting beer bottles w/AR’s & tactical gear on looking like a fucking dork.

If you really wanna get it, Let’s get it. You want that call @davidfeldman1 & @bkfc_matchmaker & we can throw down there bc we all know your snitching ass won’t see me in these streets. #fuckboy #tanklifehoe

Jones himself expressed some concerns about Lester’s behavior. After his live-tweeting session at UFC 252 on Saturday, he also posted a screenshot of a text message from Lester.

That tweet was also deleted as per usual Jones behavior, but here they are immortalized, thanks to the fine folks at

Jones scared of Lester
Jones Lester deleted tweet

That same time when he first made the accusations, Lester bared plans of opening his very own Tank Mixed Martial Arts Academy, which he foresaw driving his former affiliated gym out of business.