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Two arrested in connection to backyard MMA event that resulted in gunfire

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The alleged organizers of a backyard MMA event have been arrested on charges of criminal nuisance.

According to WENY News the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office arrested two men in connection with a backyard MMA event that occurred over at a residence in Soutport, NY over the weekend. That event ended when an unknown suspect fired a semiautomatic handgun, forcing attendees to flee.

The men arrested, Jesse Keller, 42, and Corey Keller, 32, are alleged to have hosted that unsanctioned MMA event. Both men have been charged with second-degree Criminal Nuisance for “knowingly advancing a criminal combative sport without proper licensing.”

The event reportedly drew a crowd of between 150 and 200 people. The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office said it was unclear if event attendees were following social distancing measures, as mandated by New York state law in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Authorities said there were masks available at the event.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to the event after reports of shots being fired. WENY reports that those shots rang out during a fight, when a small group became embroiled in an altercation.

Five shell casings were recovered from the scene. No casualties were reported.

The shooter remains unidentified and wanted by the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office, are asking anyone with information about the shooting contact their Criminal Investigation Division at 607-737-2933 or submit a tip through the Sheriff’s Office website.