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Sunday Punch: Joe George uppercuts Marcos Escudero into orbit

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Showtime Boxing came back with a bang.


These Sunday Punch columns are normally reserved for classic boxing matches, but this one may as well be archived already as a legitimate contender for 2020’s Knockout of the Year.

In Showtime Boxing’s return to action on Saturday night in Uncasville, CT, the first bout of the evening was a light heavyweight rematch between Joe George and Marcos Escudero. George won the first matchup by controversial split decision, but the rematch (thankfully) did not require the judges.

Escudero was clearly getting the better of George entering round nine, but it was all for naught because George unleashed one whopper of an uppercut that wrecked Escudero. For reasons unknown, the ref went all the way up to 9 on the ten-count before realizing that Escudero wasn’t going to get up until next week. A vicious comeback finish by Joe George that is worthy of your time.

At the time of the stoppage, Escudero was up 77-75 and 79-73 while one judge had George winning 79-73 and that’s just completely indefensible. One can only hope he put the scores in the wrong way round.

Still, George needed a knockout to win and that’s exactly what he produced.