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Video: Sean O’Malley’s leg gives out, loses by TKO to Marlon Vera at UFC 252

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An anticlimactic end to UFC 252 co-main event.

The UFC 252 co-main event had an unfortunate and anticlimactic ending, as Sean O’Malley’s leg gave out. The popular bantamweight’s ankle buckled multiple times, and he eventually lost by TKO to Marlon Vera.

Watch clips from the bout below, along with a snippet of the play-by-play:

Sean O’Malley v. Marlon Vera

Round 1 - Leg kick from Vera. O’Malley responds. Lots of feint from O’Malley. They both land push kicks. Another hard low kick from O’Malley. Body kick. Another, that one stung. Leg kick from Vera. Snap high kick from Vera. O’Malley slipped and it looks like he twisted his knee. Vera is pressing now that he’s aware of it. O’Malley is fighting defensively now. Vera with a hard leg kick. Body kick. O’Malley circling. Body kick from Vera. Straight right from O’Malley. Another two shots. He falls down off the injury though. Vera with a brutal elbow and some hard shots. IT’S OVER! Kind of a quick stoppage, but O’Malley still hasn’t moved much. It looks like O’Malley injured his ankle.

Marlon Vera defeated Sean O’Malley via TKO (strikes), 4:40 of round 1