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‘F—k, look at my eye’; Daniel Cormier says he lost vision after eye poke during UFC 252 fight with Stipe Miocic

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Daniel Cormier claims an eye injury suffered at UFC 252 caused vision loss during the championship rounds.

Daniel Cormier was unsuccessful in his attempt to wrest the UFC heavyweight title back from Stipe Miocic last night. The former UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion lost, via unanimous decision, in the main event of UFC 252 held inside the comfy confines of the UFC APEX facility.

When speaking with UFC commentator Joe Rogan after the bout, Cormier said an accidental eye poke from Miocic at the end of the third round resulted in loss of vision for the remainder of the fight.

“F—k, look at my eye,” said Cormier (ht MMA Fighting). “I couldn’t even f—king – I couldn’t see the rest of the fight. I can’t see anything out of my left eye. It’s black. It is what it is. It doesn’t matter.”

Cormier went on to claim that he told referee Marc Goddard about the situation and was told by the official that he didn’t see an eye poke and instead thought Cormier was suffering the effects of a punch. Cormier then said that Goddard, after reviewing a replay, told Cormier that he was wrong about that.

Despite citing his vision loss as a factor in his loss, Cormier also pointed out what Miocic did well during the fight.

“He was able to clinch and hold me against the side of the octagon for long periods of time, and I believe that separated those close rounds,” Cormier said. “He did a good job of not overextending himself. The first round, he overextended himself and I was able to get to his leg, easy takedown, but he did a good job of not overextending himself and not giving me positions to go get the leg.”

After the fight Cormier said he was likely retiring from MMA. If this is true ‘DC’ exits the sport with a 26-3 1NC record, with losses only to Miocic and Jon Jones. In addition to his two UFC titles, Cormier also won the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix title and King of the Cage heavyweight title.