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UFC fighter Dustin Poirier starts Lebanon relief fund following Beirut explosion

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Poirier’s The Good Fight Foundation teamed up with Bellator’s Sabah Homasi to raise money for victims of the Beirut explosion that took place on August 4. 

Aftermath of massive explosion in Beirut Photo by Marwan Naamani/picture alliance via Getty Images

On August 4, 2020, a massive explosion took place in Beirut, Lebanon, leaving more than 200 people dead (and counting), 4000 injured, and over 300,000 homeless after several blocks of the city were destroyed.

The blast, which took place at the Port of Beirut, was caused by an estimated 2,750 tons of explosive ammonium nitrate that was being stored at the port since 2014. The port was a primary economic source for Lebanon, which imports the vast majority of its food supplies (including 90 percent of its wheat). The explosions destroyed the main grain silo, which holds approximately 85 percent of the country’s cereals.

The Middle Easter nation was already dealing with the disastrous effects of an economic crisis, a collapsing currency, rising unemployment, the coronavirus pandemic, and the aftermath of an uprising in 2019. The explosion exacerbated an already dire situation for the Lebanon, leaving its industries in shambles, its economy crippled, and its people hungry.

In the wake of the tragedy, international organizations have started relief funds to support Lebanon, including UFC fighter Dustin Poirier’s The Good Fight Foundation.

The Good Fight Foundation recently announced plans to team up with Bellator welterweight fighter Sabah Homasi to help those affected by the explosion.

“We created this campaign for everyone to contribute at various impact levels,” read The Good Fight Foundation’s call to action. “Let’s fight together to help those in need. It is because of you that we are able to make such a huge impact in the lives of the families we serve!”

The goal of the campaign is to raise $10,000 in donations to support Lebanon relief efforts.

Those interested in donating can do so here.