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Video: Watch Mike Tyson subdue a shark

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Mike Tyson features in Discovery Channel’s 2020 Shark Week schedule.

Before you watch Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. on Triller, which has been postponed until November 28, there’s plenty of other ‘Iron Mike’ content to keep you satisfied (if your inclined).

Since his career as undisputed heavyweight champion of the world—a reign that ended with a loss to Buster Douglas and has been overshadowed by a rape conviction and Tyson biting part of Evander Hoylfield’s ear off—Tyson has enjoyed a celebrity career that has landed movie roles, animated series and podcasts.

His latest TV appearance came this weekend as part of Discovery Channel’s 2020 Shark Week schedule. The former current boxer starred in their one-off special Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble at the Reef.

A section from that show was released on YouTube yesterday. Check it out above if you’re interested in seeing Tyson put a Caribbean reef shark into tonic immobility, so that a tracking tag can be attached.