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Brendan Schaub deletes posts of taking bike ride while COVID-19 positive

The former UFC heavyweight has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t “fear” the coronavirus wants to continue “living my life.”

Performances At The Ice House Comedy Club Photo by Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

Brendan Schaub, who has constantly downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic for months, announced that he and his other colleagues have tested positive for COVID-19. The former UFC heavyweight says he still has other symptoms such as lack of taste and smell, but he took IVs for three days straight and started to feel better.

He didn’t experience any of the intense symptoms that other people have, and now feels vindicated that his views on the pandemic were right. He says he’s “curious to see how long this corona fear is going to keep going.”

Another tidbit that was briefly discussed in the podcast was Schaub going on a bike ride that very day he started feeling better.

“I sure did, Bryan,” Schaub responded after being asked by his co-host if he went on a bike ride. “I did 15 miles today.”

Online bike rides have grown to be a more popular home workout recently during lockdowns, but that doesn’t seem to be what Schaub did. The UFC veteran seems to have broken quarantine, and went on an actual bike ride while he was contagious and positive for the virus.

Schaub took to social media to post about his “corona ride,” which shows him outdoors without a mask, and this time claiming to have done 20 miles on his bike. The posts have since been deleted, but the screenshots can be seen below, courtesy of reddit users.

On the same episode, Schaub says he doesn’t agree that he did everything wrong while on tour in Texas.

“I went about living my life. I got it, and you know what? I’m fine!” Schaub said.