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Video: Was Dan Hardy Right? Was Herb Dean’s stoppage too late?

Breaking down the controversy from this past weekend.

This past weekend there was an incident at the end of the Jai Herbert and Francisco Trinaldo fight between commentator Dan Hardy and referee Herb Dean. The kerfuffle was over what Hardy perceived as a late stoppage. Fans and fighters alike are on both sides of this stoppage.

The controversy is more than the stoppage, though. It’s the debate on when or if it’s okay to speak to a referee publicly about stoppages—like how Hardy did. As the fight was coming to a close he screamed at Dean to stop the contest. As a fighter, does he have a better insight into the damage extra shots taken or should he have kept his mouth shut?

Watch the video above to see me break down everything between those two and the fight itself.

Where do you fall on the stoppage and the following interactions? Let us know in the comments below.