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Mike Perry ‘rooting’ for Darren Till tonight: The people I root for usually lose

Mike Perry is supposedly rooting for Darren Till to beat Robert Whittaker in tonight’s UFC on ESPN 14 main event.

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Mike Perry is rooting for Darren Till to beat Robert Whittaker in tonight’s UFC on ESPN 14 main event, but there’s a catch — the fighters he roots for usually lose.

Perry’s comments come weeks after Till made derogatory comments about his girlfriend and set up a troll website dedicated to mocking ‘Platinum’.

Perry, who recently earned a dominant unanimous decision win over Mickey Gall at UFC on ESPN 12, has threatened to attack Till if they ever cross paths on the street.

“If I see him in person, I’m going to fight him. Nobody’s going to stop me. I’m going to grab him. I’m going to stick my finger is in his eye, and I’m going to get ahold of him. I’ll say it out loud because I don’t care.”

Till has responded by accusing Perry of being overly sensitive and taking his comments the wrong way.

“I think it’s just because he’s got a new girl and stuff (like) that probably, a little bit, offended his sensitivity. But that’s the fight game, mate. You have to be able to take it all on the chin, and he obviously can’t. So he’s talking like next time he sees me, he’s gonna poke me in the eye or something. Come on, mate, we both know that’s not gonna happen. I’m [6-foot-2]. I’d lift him straight off his feet, but I don’t take offense to it. Let him take offense to it.”

Till is set to face Whittaker in a headlining middleweight bout at UFC on ESPN 14, which is set to take place later tonight, July 25, at the UFC Fight Island facility in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.