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Ariane Lipski on kneebar win: ‘You wanted violence, right? There you go’

Female flyweight Ariane Lipski is ecstatic about her submission win against Luana Carolina.

After three UFC outings in which former KSW female flyweight champion Ariane Lipski failed to live up to her nickname, the ‘Queen of Violence’ finally justified it in her last showing. At UFC Fight Night 172, the 26-year-old made quick work of Luana Carolina, finishing her opponent with a vicious kneebar just 88 seconds into the first round.

In an interview with Combate, Lipski confessed it took her a while to find her rhythm in the UFC after losing her first couple of bouts and not having an impressive win against Isabela de Padua. However, Ariane now grows more confident with each training camp and believes she is well on her way to become a better fighter everytime she steps into the Octagon.

“You wanted violence, right? There you go,” she said. “I’m finding myself. I’ve been understanding my gameplan better and what I have to do to maintain my strategy in the fight, no matter who my opponent is. That doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of training. I need to know myself and understand. I think we’ve been able to do this pretty well, taking it slow. Things are happening at the right time.”

After not being happy with herself in her first three UFC bouts, Lipski could finally remove some of the pressure from her shoulders with the highlight reel win against Carolina. Although she expected a knockout victory, leg locks were always a part of her arsenal, so Ariane was thrilled to be able to finish the fight in such a strong manner and show her ground game.

“I’m very happy with my performance and the outcome. I said I was going to finish it in the first round. I wanted the knockout, but I was confident that, should the fight hit the ground, I’d be able to score a submission. I figured she would be moving around, because that’s her thing. Like I said, I started to pressure her, I was looking for the knockout. The moment she kicked my leg, I punched her stomach and she went down. I got into her guard. She tried to hold me when I postured up to hit her. She made me lose my balance and went for the calf slicer. I saw her leg and started to put my weight on top of her body so I could put her knee between my legs.”

“In my last fight, I went for two leglocks, but couldn’t finish them.” Ariane continued. “We went back to the gym, made the adjustments and I had that in mind for this fight. When I saw her leg, it was a familiar position, because we drill it so much at the gym. I pulled her leg with all my strength and it worked. We were training for that because she has very long legs. It wasn’t a fluke, it was all planned.”

Before the win, Lipski (13-5) scored a unanimous decision victory over Isabela de Padua, back in November 2019. The victory snapped a two-fight losing streak for the 26-year-old, who lost her first two UFC bouts to Joanne Calderwood and Molly McCann via unanimous decision.

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