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Fight Archives: Spiderman beats Batman and Robin, gets taken down by Riddler

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Yes, you read that headline right.

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As kids, I’m sure we’ve all engaged in those silly banters and tongue-in-cheek wagers on who would win in a fight between superheroes like Spiderman and Batman. Well, thanks to the fine, fun-loving folks of the Hardest Man competition in the UK, we can somehow end this long-standing playground debate.

The eight-man tournament in Southampton, England in October 2013 aimed to introduce “some of the country’s most skilled combatants.” It did feature some serious fights, but the organizers decided to add some comic relief.

As the fight began, Spidey looked like he was at a disadvantage when he got both Batman and Robin as a package deal. But that didn’t deter him from unleashing crisp combinations and a rather impressive Muay Thai clinch game.

There really wasn’t much the dynamic duo could do, as Spiderman’s striking was simply too overwhelming. Robin was eventually taken out of the fight, leaving the capeless crusader to fend for himself. After Batman took some unanswered shots, the referee decided he’s seen enough of this madness and awarded the victory to the web-slinging action hero.

But that affair didn’t end right away. In a WWE-esque turn of events, The Riddler suddenly popped up out of nowhere, shoved Spiderman, then put him on his back with a power double. It was a spectacular night of fights, and even UFC president Dana White approves.

This will probably be three minutes of your life you won’t ever get back. But if you’re willing to kill some of your precious time, go ahead and indulge.