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Video: Fighting to Survive Part 1 - Elias Theodorou meets Survivorman

In this new documentary mini-series UFC veteran Elias Theodorou tries to survive in the rugged Canadian wilderness with the help of TV’s Survivorman aka Les Stroud.

The Ultimate Fighter winner, UFC wetlerweight, Amazing Race Canada contestant—Elias Theodorou is no stranger to taking on challenges. However, in Fighting to Survive, the Canadian mixed martial artists takes on one of his most difficult tasks to date.

In this documentary mini-series Theodorou meets one of his TV idols, Les Stroud aka Survivorman. With Stroud Theodorou wants to learn what its like to survive in the wilderness. And, in exchange, he’ll teach Stroud a little about what it’s like to survive in the ring.

To start the adventure Stroud offers Theodorou the chance to pick a few items from a set of survival gear. Theodorou makes his picks, but Stroud won’t let him know whether these are good choices or not.

The pair then drive north, into the Canadian wilderness. Once they park up, Stroud wants to take a look at what Theodorou brought from home.

Theodorou soon learns that almost his entire inventory is contraband. No hair products, face wipes or bug spray is allowed.

With a much lighter backpack Theodorou then follows Stroud (along with BE contributor and camera-operator Max Attwood and Stroud’s dog Rogue) deep into the bush. Stroud lets Theodorou guide the way, making sure they stay close to a creek to aid their navigation.

Stroud has Theodorou pick the spot where they will camp. However, Stroud then reveals that he won’t be staying there. Much to Theodorou’s shock—and horror—he discovers that he will be spending the night on his own.

Watch the video above to see Theodorou’s reaction (if you can see through all the bugs) when he finds out he’ll be spending an entire night alone in the wild.

And tune in next Friday for part 2 of this 4 part series.

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