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Max Holloway on media threats about his UFC 251 fight: ‘This is not ok’

Max Holloway took to social media to let his fans know that harassing and threatening the media is not the way to do things.

On Saturday night, Max Holloway went the distance with Alex Volkanovski in a very close fight that a lot of people thought he won. Unfortunately for him, the judges awarded the victory to Volkanovski by split decision, which angered many who believed that was a robbery.

In the aftermath of the UFC 251 co-main event, there was much discussion about the outcome from the media and from Dana White, and some reporters believed that the fight was close but not a robbery. Some of these media members were showered with threats and harassment on social media by a small section of “fans” for their opinions.

Once Holloway landed back in Vegas and found out what happened, he took to Twitter to tell everyone that this wasn’t the correct way to handle things:

As usual, Holloway was extremely classy in defeat. It remains to be seen where he will go from here, as he has now lost three of his last four fights and two to the current champ. But as Blessed said, he’s still only 28 and has plenty of time to rest, recover, and come up with a plan for the near future.

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