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Russian MMA coach who assaulted store clerk over COVID-19 measures presses charges

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The Russian MMA coach claims to be the victim despite being caught on camera assaulting the store clerk. 

Anton Sergeyev, the Russian MMA coach who assaulted a store clerk after being denied service for not wearing a face mask, is pressing charges with the police after claiming he “did not touch the woman.”

Last month, reports emerged that Anton Sergeyev, a St. Petersburg based MMA coach, assaulted a store clerk in May 2020 after being denied service for not wearing a face mask. According to security footage posted by Russian blogger Alexander Talipov, the incident began after the coach’s girlfriend was refused service for not wearing a face mask. She appeared to verbally attack the store clerk, who remained silent. Moments later, the coach entered the store and confronted the clerk before spitting on her face. The victim then attacked Sergeyev with a can of cucumbers and chased him out of the store.

While Sergeyev later claimed that he did not attack the store clerk, security footage shows the coach punching the woman several times in the face and torso. Reports later confirmed that the victim suffered multiple bruises, a hematoma, rib fractures, and a suspected concussion.

espite the security footage showing Sergeyev punching the store clerk repeatedly, the MMA coach claims he is the victim in this situation.

“When I started to leave the store, she threw some can or bottle in my back. She ran after me, grabbed my clothes, threw me, and bit me. I didn’t physically touch her first, didn’t threaten her at all, didn’t touch her in any way, ” Sergeyev said.

Law enforcement officials in Crimea are currently reviewing the footage.

This is not the first time that Sergeyev has made headlines. In January 2020, the coach drove his brand new BMW into a bus stop in Yalta, a resort city in the Crimean Peninsula.