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Dana White on Conor McGregor’s retirement: ‘Do your thing, it’s all good’

“When you say you want to retire, don’t worry about it. Do your thing, and it’s all good.”

UFC star Conor McGregor shocked the world on Saturday after he announced his retirement (again) on social media following the UFC 250 PPV broadcast.

The former two-division champion accused the UFC of trying to ‘stomp all over’ him and said he’s no longer excited at the prospect of fighting again.

UFC president Dana White isn’t sure what to make of McGregor’s latest announcement because, the last time he checked, ‘The Notorious’ was desperate to get back in the Octagon asap.

“He’s been wanting to fight,” White said at the UFC 250 post-fight press conference, which saw Amanda Nunes successfully defend her featherweight title against Felicia Spencer (h/t MMA Fighting). “He’s frustrated because he wants to fight. I’m sure that’s a piece of it. ... Who do you fight, and where do you fight Conor McGregor right now. ‘Fight Island’ isn’t even up and running until July. So if you look at all the problems to run a business like this, multiply it by a f*cking million, and that’s where we are right now, and there’s a lot of other sh*t that goes on behind the scenes right now. It’s a wacky time to be the first guy to be putting on live sports when a lot of people, who are nutty as hell, didn’t want you to.”

If McGregor is serious about retiring, White has no problem with that decision whatsoever.

“[McGregor’s] Proper 12 whisky has sold an obscene amount of liquor,” White said. “I don’t know what his financial situation is with that thing, but I would assume he owns a good piece of it. Conor McGregor’s not going to need any money any time soon. He loves to fight, and he’s passionate about it. He’s got an incredible fighter IQ. But whatever his reason is, you know my feelings on retirement. When you say you want to retire, don’t worry about it. Do your thing, and it’s all good.”

McGregor retires as the most popular fighter in UFC history and one of the best fighters to have ever graced the Octagon.