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UFC 250 results: Cody Garbrandt brutally KO’s Raphael Assuncao with one-punch buzzer-beater

Cody Garbrandt just violently knocked out Raphael Assuncao with one-second remaining in the second round on the UFC 250 PPV main card.

The co-main event for UFC 250 just witnessed the promotion’s former bantamweight champ, Cody Garbrandt, hit a second-round buzzer-beating one-punch knockout on the #5 ranked bantamweight, Raphael Assuncao. Garbrandt ducked down against the fence and then exploded with everything he had channeled into a nuclear right hook. The bomb landed flush and put Assuncao to sleep before he even hit the floor. This devastating knockout over such a durable veteran puts Garbrandt right back in contention at 135-pounds.

Assuncao took the center of the cage to start things off, as Garbrandt played the outside. Quite a bit of feeling out went on, with Garbrandt throwing naked kicks from the outside and Assuncao looking for a way on the inside. Garbrandt opened the second round with a crafty calf kick. Redness was visible on the lead leg of Assuncao, who was still struggling with the range. Garbrandt clubbed his foe with right hand that briefly dropped Assuncao, who seemed to instantly recover. Just as the bell was sounding, Garbrandt unleashed a wicked right hook that knocked out Assuncao completely out.

Cody Garbrandt def. Raphael Assuncao by KO at 4:59 of round 2: Bantamweight