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UFC 250: Nunes vs. Spencer prelims live results, discussion, play by play

Live, blow-by-blow updates for today’s UFC 250 preliminary card from Vegas. To stream UFC 250 LIVE on ESPN+ PPV click here!

UFC Fight 250 Nunes v Spencer: Weigh-Ins Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and play-by-play as UFC 250 goes down at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The main event will be an women’s featherweight title fight, with Amanda Nunes defending her 145-pound title for the first time against Felicia Spencer. The co-main comes in the bantamweight division, with former champ Cody Garbrandt trying to halt a losing streak when he meets veteran contender Raphael Assuncao.

This post will cover the preliminary card. The featured undercard bout comes in the bantamweight division as well, with Chase Hooper taking on Alex Caceres.

We’ll start on Fight Pass and ESPN+ at approximately 6:30pm ET with three fights. The card then moves to ESPN and stays on ESPN+ at 8pm ET for four more bouts, then onto the main PPV card at 10pm ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. The main card will be covered in a separate post.

Alex Caceres vs. Chase Hooper

Round 1 - They exchange right away. Inside leg kick from Caceres. Nice jab. Uppercut from Caceres hurts Hooper! He went down but Caceres backed away and let him recover. Wow. Back to the jab for Caceres. Big left from Bruce Leeroy. Caceres looks for a takedown but can’t get it. Hooper spins around to his back. He tries to climb Caceres. He’s working hard to try to get Caceres to the floor. They reset. Counter body shot from Caceres. Hard right. Counter right. Hooper can’t do much at all on the feet. Caceres with another counter combo. Side kick from Caceres. Another hard jab. Caceres drags Hooper to the floor. Hooper rolls for a leg lock. 10-8 Caceres.

Round 2 - Both men miss with a bunch of strikes to start. They clinch against the fence briefly. Low kick from Hooper. Body shot from Caceres. Hooper takes his back but can’t drag Caceres down. Hooper lands a left. Knee to the body from Caceres. Clinch battle. They separate halfway through the round. Hooper whiffs on a head kick and falls down. Yikes. Counter left from Caceres. Hooper pulled guard. Caceres just pulled away and made Hooper stand up. Again he tries the same thing. Caceres boots him in the legs and body. Axe kick. Caceres waded into the guard and Hoope immediately tripped him and got on top. They scramble and get back up. Rights land for both. 10-9 Caceres.

Round 3 - Caceres working the body. Nice counters. Jab to the body frm Caceres. Hooper gets a hold of the body. Caceres methodically frees himself. Cup check to Caceres. Cornuts cam confirms. Quick restart. Nice lead left from Caceres, and a leg kick. Hooper scores with a straight left. Hooper falls to his back again, so Caceres kicks his legs a few times and backs off. Another lead left from Caceres. Same sequence with Hooper trying to pull guard. Back up. Left over the top from Caceres. He pulls guard again, and actually has a hold of Caceres. Caceres is engaging him now from the top. For a few seconds at least. Caceres tells him to get up. 10-9 and 30-26 Caceres.

Alex Caceres defeated Chase Hooper via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Ian Heinisch vs. Gerald Meerschaert

Round 1 - Heinisch with a hard inside leg kick. Another. Front kick to the body. Body kick from Meerschaert. Heinisch with a huge right and Meerschaert goes down! Big punches from Heinisch and it’s over! That was brutal!

Ian Heinisch defeated Gerald Meerschaert via TKO (strikes), 1:14 of round 1

Cody Stamann vs. Brian Kelleher

Round 1 - Leg kick from Kelleher. Stamann with a right. Front kick from Kelleher, but he eats a combo in return. They trade leg kicks. Stamann with a stinging left hook. Kelleher with the low kick but gets countered again. Nice combo from Stamann. Head kick as well. Another high kick. Kelleher catches a kick but can’t do anything with it. Kelleher rips the body. Lead left from Stamann. Stamann goes body-head. Kelleher with a right hook. They trade jabs. Kelleher with two more leg kicks. 10-9 Stamann.

Round 2 - Jabs and lots of feinting from Stamann. Kelleher with a right and he scoops a single. Can’t do anything with it though. Leg kick from Kelleher. Stamann charges in with two solid punches. Beautiful jabs from Stamann. Kelleher with a lead left hook. More jabs from Stamann. Kelleher trying to pressure more. Uppercut from Kelleher. Stamann backs him off with a bevy of strikes. Another flurry. Kelleher with an elbow. Stamann gets a single leg takedown with 90 seconds left. Stamann can’t get much going on top other than the occasional hammerfist. Now he gets an elbow through. Kelleher pushes him off and gets up. Side kick from Stamann. 10-9 Stamann.

Round 3 - Stamann trips Kelleher off of a kick. Stamann stands over him but doesn’t engage, so Kelleher gets up. Jabs from Stamann. Inside leg kick fro Kelleher. Stamann with a nice right. Kelleher backs him up but can’t get anything going. Body kick and a winging right score for Boom. Stamann back to the jab. Solid left from Kelleher. Stamann with a right hook. Kelleher presses and rips the body. Kelleher getting wild with a minute to go. Stamann looks for a takedown but can’t get it. Low kick from Kelleher. Kelleher shoots. Stamann drops for a guillotine. 10-9 Kelleher, but 29-28 Stamann.

Cody Stamann defeated Brian Kelleher via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Charles Byrd vs. Maki Pitolo

Round 1 - Pitolo presses early. Byrd with a hard left hook. Pitolo cracks him back. Byrd looks to wrestle and they clinch up. Pitolo hits a trip takedown and is working in half. Byrd tries to get up but settles for reversing position. He has him in a weird modified full nelson from the front. Now he switches to a guillotine. Nothing there so he spins to his back. Pitolo spins out, grabs a single, and drops Byrd on his back. Byrd gets back up, scoops Pitolo up, and slams him to the mat. Elbows from Byrd in side control. Byrd goes to knee on belly but Pitolo rolls over. Byrd lands a couple of big shots before the horn. 10-9 Byrd.

Round 2 - Byrd chases but couldn’t mland anything. Pitolo with a hard left, and he lands to the body. Byrd eats a ton of body shots and a big elbow. Byrd went down, seemingly from nothing, and Pitolo pounded him out! That was really odd. Okay, on the replay, Pitolo hit a sneaky trip and Byrd was clearly dazed.

Maki Pitolo defeated Charles Byrd via TKO (strikes), 1:10 of round 2

Jussier Formiga vs. Alex Perez

Round 1 - Perez with low kicks right away. Inside and outside. Formiga with a right, Perez fires right back. Another glancing right from Formiga. Slapping low kicks from Perez. Hard one that time. Counter left from Perez, and he goes to the body. Uppercut from Perez. He’s off to a great start. Formiga with a 1-2. Counter left from Formiga. Perez swings and misses. Hard lead right from Perez lands flush Perez hurt him with a leg kick! Formiga fell down and got back up, but he’s limping. Perez lands two more and Formiga goes down again! It’s over! Holy hell that was surprising.

Alex Perez defeated Jussier Formiga via TKO (leg kicks), 4:06 of round 1

Alonzo Menifield vs. Devin Clark

Round 1 - Clark shoots in immediately. He didn’t get the takedown but he’s holding Menifield against the cage. Menifield reverses. Clark lands some knees to the body. Extended clinch battle. Menifield step back and lands a big uppercut! Another couple of shots and Clark is hurt. Clark dives on the legs and puts Menifield against the fence. Clark with a right on the break. Two more. Big knee from Menifield. Menifield briefly looks for a takedown but his coaches yell at him not to. More clinch work. Clark brawls his way out. Menifield with a head kick. Menifield backs him into the fence again. Puzzling strategy from Menifield. Menifield steps back and lands a knee. Clark is covering up, trying to avoid big shots. Jab and a right from Clark. Two more rights from Clark and he’s backed Menifield off. Clark level-changes but can’t get a takedown. 10-9 Menifield.

Round 2 - Clark with a nice early right. Menifield with a head kick and he shoots in for a takedown. Clark defends. They trade in the pocket. Head kick from Clark. Another big shot from Clark! Clark with some knees to the body in the clinch. Menifield with a knee. Clark lands a left on the break again. Menifield with a nice uppercut, and then a winging right. Halfway through the round. Menifield with a quick left. Knee to the body from Clark. Menifield clinches again. More knees to the body from Clark. Clark looking for the Thai clinch. More knees. Menifield isn’t doing anything in the clinch. Clark with a big combo on the break! Easy 10-9 Clark.

Round 3 - Clark comes out with a big right. Both land rights. Knee from Menifield in close. Clark shoots in but Menifield defends. Clark with a combo. Menifield looks for a takedown. Clark with a knee to the body. Clark gets a takedown. He’s on Menifield’s back, landing punches.He flattens him out briefly and looks for a choke. Maybe he’s just trying to control him. Two minutes to go. Front headlock. Menifield makes his way to his feet. Clinch work. Menifield stuffs another takedown. Knee to the body from Clark. Right over the top from Menifield. Uppercut and a big right from Clark. 10-9 and 29-28 Clark.

Devin Clark defeated Alonzo Menifield via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Evan Dunham vs. Herbert Burns

Round 1 - Burns with a big body kick to start. Dunham scores with a left. Burns ends up on his back briefly. They exchange and Dunham gets the best of it. Burns spins around to the back and takes Dunham down. He has hooks, and now a body triangle. Burns secures a choke and it’s over just like that! Wow!

Herbert Burns defeated Evan Dunham via submission (rear naked choke), 1:20 of round 1