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‘Hey you look good, babe!’ - Watch Mike Perry in between rounds with girlfriend as sole cornerman

Watch Mike Perry and his girlfriend in between rounds.

While fighters normally have a crew of coaches and training partners behind them on each fight, Mike Perry made the decision to compete with just his girlfriend, Latory Gonzalez in his corner.

In between rounds, it was relatively quiet, and very little was said in the corner. At least on this bout, it worked, with Perry beating Mickey Gall to win a decision after three rounds.

Watch the clip of the couple in the corner below.

Perry: “Hey you look good, babe! Ha ha.”

Gonzalez: “You’re doing good. You’re doing great.”

Gonzalez: “You want me to ice it anywhere else?

Perry: “No.”

Following the victory, Perry stated how he liked how his girlfriend kept things simple, and gave him time to think.

“She did a great job. She kept it very simple,” Perry told the assembled media. “In the corner, when she was there rubbing the ice on me, she kept asking ‘what else do you want? What else can I do?’ She was trying to do more for me and it was really cool just sitting there quiet and just thinking how the next round was gonna go.

“I did hear his coaches. I heard them saying ... like secret words for moves, then I started figuring it out, what those were and what they were asking for,” he said.

Perry said he will look to build a team following this win, but still plans on having Gonzalez in his corner.