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UFC on ESPN 12 results and highlights: Perry defeats Gall, Greene somehow taps out Villante

Check out the full results from UFC on ESPN: Poirier vs. Hooker, including

The UFC on ESPN 12 main card is nearly complete, with just the main event between Dustin Poirier Short notice replacement Julian Erosa made the most of his late call-up by shocking Sean Woodson with a dramatic third-round submission not too long after he suffered a knockdown. Following that up was a quick knockout win for Japanese welterweight Takashi Sato over another short notice replacement in Jason Witt. Middleweight prospects Brendan Allen and Kyle Daukaus engaged in one hell of a three-round scrap, with Allen handing Daukaus his first defeat. Heavyweight Maurice Greene joined Erosa in the “get knocked down and win by submission” department with an absurd arm-triangle choke win over Gian Villante from the bottom.

In the co-main event, welterweight veteran Mike Perry overcame a rather slow and sloppy start against Mickey Gall to win a unanimous decision. Gall came in with the BJJ credentials but he was outgrappled by Perry, who surged in the last two rounds thanks to big ground-and-pound and heavy power shots on the feet.

Here’s how the fights played out.

Mike Perry def. Mickey Gall by unanimous decision (29-28 x3) - Welterweights

Perry immediately fired a right hand and Gall ducked it. Unsurprisingly Perry was pressuring and looking to land a haymaker. Gall did well to evade the big shots early on and even land a counter hook. “Platinum” initiate the first clinch but Gall exited and threw an elbow. Gall cracked Perry with a nice right hand. Two right hands from Perry connected but Gall responded with two jabs. Late in the round, Perry caught a body kick and eventually slammed Gall to the mat. It was Perry who was able to outgrapple Gall and finish the round with some ground strikes, but it was nevertheless a round in which Gall may have gotten the edge on the feet.

In round two, Perry did well to stop a Gall takedown and then turn it into his own takedown. Gall had some top control time and a couple of strikes but Gall also had an armbar attempt and was able to get back to his feet with a kimura sweep. Perry defended a double leg against the fence and dropped some elbows to the side of the head. Gall got clocked with a right hand and then another right behind the ear put him down. Perry jumped on top and into full mount and cracked him with two elbows just before the horn sounded.

Perry upped the tempo in the final round, even walking through Gall’s shots as if to suggest they had no effect on him. Gall showed signs of serious fatigue and Perry was mixing in head and body shots. Petty took Mickey down once more and almost had the cricifix position. Gall rolled but ended up fully mounted and Perry smashed him with more elbows. Mickey escaped mount, was too tired to stand again, so Perry dove back into his guard and fended off a triangle choke to secure a much-needed win.

Maurice Greene def. Gian Villante by submission (arm-triangle choke) at 3:44 of round 3 - Heavyweights

It was mostly a feel-out process in the opening minute or so before Greene caught Gian with a nice right hand and a couple of leg kicks. The size difference was noticeable when seeing the former light heavyweight standing opposite Greene. A head kick by Greene was partially blocked but it was still enough to move Villante backwards. Villante made Greene noticeably grimace with a body kick, causing him to follow up with another kick but not much else afterward. By the end of the round, Villante was catching up to Greene in the leg kick department.

Greene continued to slam home kicks to Villante’s lead leg, while mixing in some combination punching upstairs. Villante relied on his own leg kicks and his right hand for offense, but he was losing the volume battle. Neither man seemed particularly interested in checking leg kicks. Villante looked like he was landing the more damaging shots in round two but it was fairly close.

Villante had Greene’s attention with an overhand right that backed him up. Gian was on the offensive and missing wildly. Greene landed a knee and then poked Villante in the eye. Truth be told, given a groin shot earlier in the bout, Greene was fortunate to have not lost a point. Shortly after the restart, a huge counter left put Greene down hard. Villante went all-out for the finish but it did not materialize. The New Yorker remained on top while Greene didn’t make any concerted effort to get back to his feet. Turns out it was all an elaborate plan to choke Villante out from the bottom with an arm-triangle choke. Words fail me. Entirely possible he tapped out due to exhaustion because that just doesn’t happen. What a way to snap a two-fight skid.

Brendan Allen def. Kyle Daukaus by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-27) - Middleweights

It didn’t take long for a for action to commence here. A massive knee from Allen put Daukaus down and Brendan followed him straight into full mount. Daukaus was in survival mode and fending off a rear-naked choke. However, Allen was dropping some heavy shots in the meantime before attacking the neck again. Allen nearly slipped off but adjusted nicely and had Daukaus’ back. Daukaus was able to turn his way out of that danger and take Allen’s back in a turn of events. It was Daukaus who sought the choke but wound up losing the position and back came Allen with elbows from inside Kyle’s guard. Daukaus was cut badly from one of those shots as the round drew to a close.

Daukaus took Allen down early in round two but Allen expertly used a guillotine sweep to get on top and unleash another elbow to re-open that nasty cut. After some more offense from guard, Allen got overly ambitious and his guillotine turned into top position for Daukaus. Both men demonstrated exemplary grappling and scrambling abilities, but it was Allen who was getting the better of the exchanges. His omoplata sweep landed him on top with the opportunity to drill Daukaus with more ground-and-pound. As Daukaus stood back up, Allen knocked him down at the buzzer with a left hand. Well... if not at the buzzer, then slightly after.

Daukaus took Allen down in the third, easily shucking off Allen’s guillotine attempt. It was Allen who was affected by a big elbow — his left eye noticeably swollen. Daukaus transitioned to back mount with a body triangle. He needed a finish to win the fight given how the previous two rounds transpired, but instead Allen avoided getting choked out and turned inside that body triangle. Allen got in some late ground and pound but while he lost the round on two scorecards — the third judge presumably likes being a contrarian — he got the W.

Takashi Sato def. Jason Witt by TKO (punches) at :48 of round 1 - Welterweights

While Julian Erosa was able to spring a short notice surprise, the same could not be said for Jason Witt. A 1-2 by Japan’s Sato put Witt down and he was clearly hurt. Sato sought the finish on the mat and just wailed on Witt with several left hands on the ground until the referee intervened. Not a bad way to get back in the win column for Sato, while Witt’s one-day notice call-up ends in a rapid defeat.

Julian Erosa def. Sean Woodson by submission (d’arce choke) at 2:44 of round 3 - 150 lbs catchweight

Woodson started strongly with a two-punch combination that caught Erosa’s attention. Erosa predictably got jabbed up by a man with a 78-inch reach, so he answered with leg kicks against the slim Woodson. The first takedown was from Erosa, with Woodson easily stopping it. Woodson’s lengthy left hand repeatedly found its target upstairs.

Erosa had much better success in round two by pressuring Woodson more and attacking the body with heavy hooks and knees. Woodson still found a home for his jab but he didn’t load up on a lot of his punches, so Erosa largely walked through them and kept up the pressure and it looked like Woodson was starting to fade.

In a wild final round, Woodson dropped Rosa with a massive left hand after he got careless coming forward. Sean briefly thought about following him to the mat but decided to stand back up and continue the striking battle. The furiously paced, high-volume attacks continued from both men. Erosa changed things up with takedowns and was able to get Woodson on the canvas. Woodson returned to his feet but found himself caught in a d’arce choke. It was tight, it was locked in, and as Erosa squeezed, it was tap time for Woodson. A massive upset on short notice for Erosa in his third separate UFC stint.