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Chad Mendes slams ‘wooden eye’ Michael Bisping, criticizes ‘crock of sh-t’ USADA program

The war of words between Chad Mendes and Michael Bisping continues.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Boise-Jury vs Mendes Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Mendes has taken exception to Michael Bisping calling him out for his failed USADA test back in 2016.

After Bisping labeled Mendes a “steroid cheating f—k” and scolded him for “disrespecting the sport”, Mendes responded in an Instagram post aimed at the former middleweight champion. Mendes also addressed his drug test failure in the post.

“Hey Michael Bisping, let’s get some sh-t straight here,” Mendes wrote. “When I LET USADA suspend me it was for a banned peptide under their rules. NOT a steroid. Just to put some sh*t into perspective for morons like you, too much caffeine in your system is a violation under USADA rules.

“That entire system is the biggest crock of sh-t ever implemented into the UFC. Unlike all these other guys getting “popped” and making up the worst excuses ever to wheel and deal their suspension down, I owned that sh-t like a man. Now keep my name outta ur mouth u old, wooden eye having p--ck before I snatch ur soul like my boy Dan Henderson did”

Despite what Mendes says, he was handed a two-year suspension by USADA for the use of a growth hormone, not a peptide. Mendes originally said it was a skin cream used to treat his psoriasis that caused a positive test.

The former featherweight contender’s reply to Bisping didn’t go unnoticed. “The Count” saw Mendes’ post and left a comment, which was later deleted, but Bisping reposted it on his Twitter account.

“Hahaha this is awesome,” Bisping wrote. “You know what you have in common with every other cheating c—t? You’re also a lying c—t also. No one admits to being a b—ch.”

Bisping has spoken out several times during his fight career against the use of banned substances in MMA, such as when he suffered a detached retina against Vitor Belfort who was using testosterone replacement therapy at the time.