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Jim Miller says he’d take fights at welterweight or middleweight if offered

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Career lightweight Jim Miller is open to fighting a division or two up if the opportunity arose.

UFC Fight Night: Miller v Roberts Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Last Saturday night in Vegas, Jim Miller stepped into the Octagon for a record-tying 35th time. The ageless wonder had his hand raised, finishing prospect Roosevelt Roberts inside a round with a slick armbar. Now, he’s looking for more opportunities to get back in there, and he says that it doesn’t have to be at lightweight.

Miller (32-14, 1 NC, 21-13, 1 NC UFC) took the Roberts fight at a 160-pound catchweight due to the bout being put together not long before the event. And as a guest on radio, Miller said a fight at 170 would be just fine with him. Or even at 185.

“I used to always fight, show up at fight week below 170 and make that cut. I’ve come in and a few of them have been easier, but the majority of the time I’m coming in a couple of pounds less than I used to in like 2011 and 2012. It still seems like it’s about the same. So, I’m okay with it. There was a time there where I would’ve easily fought 85 when I was walking around in the 180s.”

He went onto say that he walks around in the mid-170’s now, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to get back up there:

“So yeah. I’ve been totally open to going up in weight for a while now and just never really had the opportunity. I’m looking to take whatever fight for most everything. I don’t walk too heavy anymore. I walk from like the mid-seventies, but yeah, I would definitely say a fight at ’70 and hell man, if I got the opportunity to fight at ’85 I’d try to pack some steak fries.”