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Dana White slams Curtis Blaydes’ UFC win: You talked so much sh-t and looked stupid

Dana White wasn’t too pleased with Curtis Blaydes’ performance during Saturday night’s headliner at the APEX.

Number three-ranked heavyweight Curtis Blaydes picked up his fourth straight win, with a victory over Alexander Volkov on Saturday night. Using his patented wrestling and takedown game, Blaydes fought a much slower yet grinding pace, earning himself a unanimous decision verdict.

Despite the win, Blaydes failed to impress UFC president Dana White, who spoke out during the post-fight media scrum.

“Curtis Blaydes has the wrong attitude, as far as I’m concerned,” White told reporters. “I don’t have anything against the kid at all… When you talk sh-t like he talked this week, you better come in and whoop somebody’s ass when you talk sh-t like that.

“When you talk the sh-t that he talked and perform like he performed tonight, you look stupid.”

Blaydes actually fought exactly the same way as he promised, but White was likely referencing Blaydes’ other recent comments about fighter pay.

These are top athletes and a lot of them have to have [other] jobs still. If you want this sport to grow, you need to provide more amenities for us as far as training. You can’t have guys who are ranked who have to drive for Uber. That’s embarrassing.

If you don’t want to pay us, just say you don’t want to give us the money. Just say that and don’t make excuses like, ‘I don’t know where it’s going to come from.’ It’s like, bro, don’t do that. Don’t disrespect our intelligence like that. We are worth more. If you don’t want to pay us, just say that and we can make our own informed decisions.

It’s like you trying to pee on us and calling it rain like we’re dumb. I know we get hit in the head a lot but we are not dumb.

Blaydes joins the likes of Jorge Masvidal and Jon Jones who’ve recently voiced their grievances regarding compensation, a topic that White has seemingly had a strong aversion to.