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Video: UFC newcomer Max Rohskopf quits on stool after Robert Drysdale refuses to stop fight

More MMA corner negligence on display.

Max Rohskopf entered the UFC on short notice as an intriguing undefeated prospect, but had a harsh welcome to the Octagon when he took on Austin Hubbard to open up Saturday’s UFC Vegas 3 card. Hubbard dominated Rohskopf in round two and it looked like Max was both hurt and tired.

The fight was called off before the start of round three, but Max’s corner was not responsible for the stoppage. Instead, Rohskopf repeatedly asked coach and former UFC fighter Robert Drysdale to “call it,” even saying “I don’t want to do this anymore.” This did not persuade Drysdale whatsoever to throw in the towel, so when Max didn’t get off the stool, referee Mark Smith went to the corner and Rohskopf told him to end the fight.

You can watch this wholly unsettling exchange in the video below, complete with transcription.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen a UFC fight end via “quit on the stool,” but the exchange between Rohskopf and Drysdale is once again another example of how unwilling MMA corners are to stop a fight, even when their fighters want it stopped.

I’m sure we’ll find out later on what prompted Rohskopf to stop the fight (outside of getting beaten up), and why Drysdale was unwilling to grant what his fighter had requested.