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UFC Vegas 3 results: Josh Emmett earns nod in wild fight with Shane Burgos

Josh Emmett just won a highly entertaining decision against Shane Burgos just in the UFC Vegas 3 co-main event.

The UFC Vegas 3 co-main event just witnessed top-ranked featherweights go at it in the form of the #8 ranked, Josh Emmett, and the #10 ranked, Shane Burgos. These warriors banged it out on the feet, with both men landing and absorbing a ton of strikes. Emmett had a huge third round though, scoring two knockdowns and ending up with the decision win. Emmett has now won five of his last six.

Emmett seemed to tweak his knee in the opening sequence of the fight. He reached down for it on a few occasions, but kept chucking heat regardless. Burgos commanded the center of the Octagon, marching down Emmet with a slow pressure. He was attacking with calf kicks and absorbing the punches of Emmett rather well. Emmett kept winging punches, landing at a descent clip, but wasn’t checking any of the leg kicks. Burgos pumped his jab a bit, giving Emmett something to deal with upon his entries.

Burgos brought the pressure again in the second round, but man did he eat some clubbing shots in order to deliver his own. Burgos gave his foe many looks, and stayed with his leg kicks, knocking Emmett off-balance on a few occasions. Emmett started to wear it a bit on his face, bleeding from different cuts.

The final frame saw an early knockdown from Emmett. He took top position for a second, but Burgos had already recovered before a finish was found. The fight returned to the feet, and an accidental cup kick from Burgos brought a pause to the bout. The fight resumed and Emmett was throwing heavy hooks. He floored Burgos again with a punch, and took top position for a bit longer. Back on the feet, Burgos started to pressure behind his punches. The fighters slugged it out down the stretch in what would have been a crowd pleasing display.

Josh Emmett def. Shane Burgos by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 29-27): Featherweight