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UFC Vegas 3 results: Muhammad wins war with Good, Miller armbars Roberts

Check out the results and video from the UFC Vegas 3 main card, including Belal Muhammad taking a gritty decision over Lyman Good, and Jim Miller submitting Roosevelt Roberts.

The UFC Vegas main card is chugging right along, and ranked women’s bantamweights Raquel Pennington and Marion Reneau just went the distance in grueling affair. The #6 ranked Pennington used a viscous attack from the Thai clinch to dish out plenty of damage on the #10 ranked Reneau across three-rounds. Pennington took the unanimous decision and looked great in doing so.

Before that, welterweights Lyman Good and Belal Muhammad waged war for 15-minutes. Both fighters had moments in the fight, but it was the stick and move striking of Muhammad that proved to be enough for him to take the unanimous decision. This makes three-straight wins for Muhammad.

Opening up the main card, longtime UFC veteran Jim Miller earned himself a first-round armbar submission of Roosevelt Roberts. It didn’t take long for Miller to get the fight to the ground, and from there it was only a matter of time before the submission manifested. Miller has actually won three of his last four outings, each by way of submission.

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Main card:

Raquel Pennington def. Marion Reneau by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): (W) Bantamweight

Pennington pressed forward behind her punches, trying to back up Reneau. They clinched up against the fence and exchanged knees to the body. Pennington wanted to keep the fight on the inside, working her dirty boxing and keeping Reneau’s back on the wall. Reneau was able to get a body lock from the back and managed to rack up some strikes before the bell.

Pennington pressed forward again in the second round, looking to crash in the clinch. An accidental knee to the undercarriage from Reneau brought a halt to the action. Pennington let her hands fly upon the restart. She kept flurrying and pushing the pace. They clinched back up, with Pennington using the Thai plum to land several knees to the body. Reneau managed to hit a takedown, but Pennington was quick to get right back up. Pennington kind of just took top position and forced Reneau to work back to her feet.

Reneau looked for a takedown right away in the final round. Pennington refused to concede the bottom position and worked until she found open space. Pennington went right back to the Thai clinch on the inside, and that’s where she dished out elbows and knees alike. Whenever Reneau did find some space, Pennington went flurry her way right back on the inside.

Belal Muhammad def. Lyman Good by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): Welterweight

Good took the center of the Octagon and pressured forward. Muhammad played to the outside with a stick and move approach. The power advantage was clearly on the side of Good, but he was forced to swing at a moving target. Muhammad stayed busy and kept cutting off Good’s advances with counter strikes.

The movement of Muhammad remained a crucial part of Muhammad’s game in the second act. He avoided the power and even shot in for a very short-lived takedown. An eye poke from Good caused a brief time out, but the action resumed without much delay. Muhammad kept attacking from the outside while moving out of the way of the bulk of what Good was sending back at him. Good did score late with some bombs, but Muhammad remained composed.

Good landed some haymakers early in the final round that hurt and dropped Muhammad. Before Good had a chance to pounce, Muhammad clinched up and found a way to recover. Good started to march down his adversary, but Muhammad was throwing back. Muhammad ended up hitting a brief takedown, and then stayed clinched up against the cage for a bit. He ended up taking the back and threatened with an RNC as time ticked away.

Jim Miller def. Roosevelt Roberts by submission (Armbar) at 2:25 of round 1: 160-pounds

Roberts slipped right away, giving Miller top position. The veteran controlled from the top, not giving Roberts an inch of space. Roberts went to explode up to his feet, but ended up fighting off an armbar attempt. After a slight struggle, Miller was able to extend his hips and get the verbal tap. What a gorgeous display of Jiu-Jitsu!