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UFC Vegas 3 prelims results & video: Jaynes upsets Camacho, Hubbard makes Rohskopf quit

Check out the results and highlights from the UFC Vegas 3 prelims, where Justin Jaynes stopped Frank Camacho, and Austin Hubbard made Max Rohskopf quit.

The UFC Vegas 3 event is underway and the preliminary portion just ended with longtime veterans Clay Guida and Bobby Green going the distance. Green stuffed the takedowns and picked off an aggressing Guida to go on and earn the unanimous nod. This win breaks up a two-fight losing skid for Green. Other finishes on the prelims include Marc-Andre Barriault picking up a second round TKO on Oskar Piechota, and Gillian Robertson achieving a late rear-naked choke on Cortney Casey. Making good on his UFC debut, Justin Jaynes absolutely stormed the castle of Frank Camacho. Jaynes came out guns a blazing, landing all of the haymakers to achieve a quick first-round standing TKO. This was quite an impressive way to make a statement in your first dance on the big show!

Earlier in the night, top-ranked women’s flyweights went the distance on the undercard with the #7 ranked, Lauren Murphy, taking a unanimous decision over the #6 ranked, Roxanne Modafferi. It was the counter punching of Murphy that was the key to her success, who was able to out-box her opposition and avoid being taken down. Opening up the show, UFC lightweight Austin Hubbard turned up on promotional newcomer Max Rohskopf in the second round. Hubbard started to tee off, firing at will and battering his foe on the feet until the bell. Before the third round, Rohskopf informed the referee that he no longer wished to fight and the bout was over. It’s not often we see a fighter willingly quit a match before the official or their corner stops it, so it was an interesting way to kick off the card.

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Bobby Green def. Clay Guida by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Lightweight

It took less than a minute for Guida to close the distance and get a takedown. Green stood up really quickly, but Guida was still in close. Green fought off the following takedown attempts and got himself back to the center of the Octagon. He tried to snipe Guida who was advancing. Guida was able to get another takedown, and keep the distance closed for the remainder of the round.

Guida pressed the action in the second act, but Green did a solid job of keeping away. Green was bringing some up kicks towards Guida’s face, coming really close on multiple occasions. Green kept stuffing the takedown attempts and kept scoring with his strikes. The final round witnessed Guida come out and get a takedown. Green used a Kimura sweep to get back to his feet, and landed some more shots on the aggressing Guida. He refused to allow Guida to lockdown a takedown.

Tecia Torres def. Brianna Van Buren by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Strawweight

Torres came out launching kicks at her opponent. That prompted Van Buren to close the distance against the fence. Torres fought off the takedown attempts, but spent a lot of time defending. In open space, Torres was throwing her volume and even started to hit for takedowns of her own towards the end of the round.

The second round saw Torres blitz her opponent with a angry flurry of assorted strikes. Van Buren closed the distance and started to pursue a takedown, but Torres was able to remain vertical. Torres continued to score on the feet with Van Buren unable to get much of anything going.

The offensive onslaught from Torres continued into the final round. Van Buren tried to clinch up against the cage in hopes of finding a takedown, but Torres fought hard to stay on her feet. The striking speed of Torres seemed to be too much for Van Buren to be able to get her own strikes going.

Marc-Andre Barriault def. Oskar Piechota by TKO at 4:50 of round 2: Middleweight

Both men came out swinging, landing slid boxing combinations. Barriault was the pressing the action, but Piechota was willing to fight on the move. The pressure began to wear on Piechota, as Barriault began to land more often towards the end of the round. Just before the bell, Barriault seemed to have his foe hurt, with Piechota shelling up on the floor.

Barriault stayed aggressive in the second round, trying to push the pace. Piechota sat back and landed some clean counter punches, but ended up giving up a takedown. Barriault controlled for a bit before Piechota stood back up. In open space, Piechota began to land from distance, but then Barriault turned it up. He overwhelmed his adversary with a barrage of punches on the inside, dropping Piechota to the floor. Cue the ground and pound! Barriault hammered away until the referee had seen enough.

Gillian Robertson def. Cortney Casey by submission (RNC) at 4:32 of round 3: (W) Flyweight

Casey came out looking to strike from range, but Robertson wanted the takedown. Robertson was able to lockdown top position from half guard, rendering Casey defensive. Casey moved and tried to scramble, but Robertson was just a step ahead on the ground and rode out the rest of the round on top.

Casey let her hands go in the second round, tagging Robertson with some crisp boxing. It wasn’t long before Robertson got herself a takedown to resume her control from the top. Just like in the previous round, Casey tried her best to create scrambles and improve her position, but Robertson was just too much for her on the floor.

Robertson went back to the takedown in the final act. This time, Casey threatened with an armbar attempt. After a bit of a struggle, Robertson was able to free herself from the hold and go back to controlling her foe. Just when it looked like this one was going to the scorecards, Robertson locked up a tight rear-naked choke to get the tap.

Justin Jaynes def. Frank Camacho by TKO at :41 of round 1: Lightweight

Jaynes met Camacho in the center of the cage and started slinging his hands. His hellacious left hook found a home over and over, hurting Camacho badly and ultimately dropping him. Camacho stood back up but was not off of the hook. Jaynes pounced with more haymakers, landing clean until the referee had seen enough. Wow!

Lauren Murphy def. Roxanne Modafferi by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): (W) Flyweight

Modafferi pressed forward looking to track down Murphy, who was looking to counter strike. After landing a flurry, Modafferi closed the distance and clinched up with Lauren against the fence. After being controlled for bit, Murphy broke free. Each fighter landed a couple of good shots before there bell.

The second round saw Murphy put Modafferi on skates early. Roxanne recovered and clinched up against the fence again, trying to hunt down a takedown. It was actually Murphy who came up with the takedown, and she eventually transitioned to the back. Modafferi worked her back up and started to grind on Murphy against the fence.

Modafferi came out aggressive in the final act, looking to land elbows on the inside. Murphy was still looking to sit back and score with counter punches. Roxanne landed another flurry before entering into the clinch. She held Murphy against the cage, racking up control time but was dealing out much damage. Back in open space, Murphy was the one landing the better punches. She was catching Modafferi as she was coming in, and then ended the round with a late takedown.

Austin Hubbard def. Max Rohskopf by TKO at 5:00 of round 2: Lightweight

Rohskopf came out throwing explosive solo strikes, until Hubbard clipped him and prompted a takedown. A short-lived takedown was achieved by Rohskopf, followed by a lengthy game of footsie. Hubbard escaped the leg lock attempts and stood back to his feet and landed a solid blow before the bell.

Rohskopf went for a diving leg lock to start the second round, which evolved into him taking top position. Hubbard again got to his feet and started to land some strikes. He slowly pressed forward behind leg kicks, and then started to land with his hands. Rohskopf was eating some big punches, getting cut up in the face and staggered a couple of times. It became quite a strong round for Hubbard. Before the final bell, Rohskopf told the referee that he no longer wished to fight and the bout was called off.