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UFC on ESPN: Blaydes vs. Volkov live results, discussion, play by play

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Live, blow-by-blow updates for today’s UFC event in Vegas on ESPN and ESPN+, which features a heavyweight tilt on top.

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UFC Fight Night Blaydes v Volkov: Weigh-Ins Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and full play-by-play as UFC on ESPN: Blaydes vs. Volkov goes down in UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

The headliner comes in the heavyweight division, with Curtis Blaydes and Alexander Volkov facing off over a possible title shot. The co-main event will see Shane Burgos meeting Josh Emmett in a featherweight fight of the night contender.

This is an ESPN show and is kicking off slightly earlier than usual. The seven-fight preliminary card is scheduled to start at 5pm ET/2pm PT. There will be a stream on ESPN+ as well. The five-fight main card will kick off at 8pm ET/5pm PT on ESPN and ESPN+.

Curtis Blaydes vs. Alexander Volkov

Round 1 - Both men jab, and Blaydes gets a big takedown in the first eight seconds. Volkov gets back up quickly, but Blaydes drags him back down. Volkov is on one knee while Blaydes lands some knees to the leg. He lands a few punches as well. Knees to the butt. Volkov is just kind of sitting there. He’s back up, then back down to one knee. Bigger punches, and Volkov didn’t like that so he stood up. Then got ragdolled back down. More knees to the butt. Volkov is just holding onto an arm and a leg. Now he’s down to both knees. 90 seconds to go. Blaydes has a hook. Volkov is trying to pull on the arm to secure a kimura, but he has no leverage. Volkov up, but dragged back down. More knees. 10-9 Blaydes.

Round 2 - Blaydes comes out throwing punches. Volkov throws some leg kicks. Blaydes with a leg kick. Blaydes circles and lands a right hook. Jab from Blaydes, and an overhand right. He charges at Volkov and takes him down against the cage. Volkov up, but he’s likely going to get dragged back down. And he does, but he’s actually on his back now in the middle of the Octagon. Blaydes throwing the odd punch and elbow here. One hard elbow. Another. Volkov finally gets up with 20 seconds to go and lands a body kick. Blaydes gets another takedown at the horn. 10-9 Blaydes.

Round 3 - Jab from Volkov. Blaydes with a right. Blaydes shoots in. Volkov stays up for a few seconds at least, so Blaydes holds him against the fence. Volkov pushes him away and lands a body kick. He shoots again. Volkov uses the fence to stay upright. He manages to get away again. But Blaydes hits a jab and Volkov gets taken down to his knees against the fence. Blaydes adjusts so Volkov can’t escape. Blaydes has his legs grapevined. Herb Dean asks for action with 1:45 to go. Blaydes with a knee to the belly and he gets onto his back. They stall out a bit. Volkov looks for a guillotine. Nothing there. Hard right. Volkov to his feet and they separate with 20 seconds to go. Inside leg kick from Blaydes. A shot is stuffed. 10-9 Blaydes.

Round 4 - Volkov throws a kick but Blaydes takes him down. Again. Volkov gets up, but is dragged back down. Rinse, repeat. Volkov breaks his grip and they reset. Jab from Volkov. Blaydes shoots but is stuffed. Hard left from Blaydes. Volkov throws a few punches but gets taken down in the middle of the cage. Few punches from Blaydes, but he’s getting warned by the ref. Volkov tries to throw some elbows from the bottom. He doesn’t have much space though. The ref stands them up. Nice knee from Volkov. And again. He brings some pressure with punches. Volkov looks for a takedown and gets it! Wow, that was odd. Blaydes has some blood coming from his mouth. 10-9 Blaydes.

Round 5 - Left from Volkov. Jab. Blaydes is backing up. Uppercut. They both land hard shots. Blaydes misses badly with a spinning back fist. Head kick from Volkov! Jab. Blaydes with a right and he gets the takedown. Blaydes steps over his back and is just leaning on him. Volkov is trying to dump him off and he does, with 2:45 left. Blaydes is right back on him, but Volkov reverses him. Volkov with a knee and they reset. Blaydes shoots again. He’s stuffed again. He tries to land knees against the cage. Volkov is trying to land some punches inside. Blaydes with a trip takedown. Volkov looks for a triangle but he only had one leg free. 30 seconds left. Blaydes is riding it out. 10-9 and 50-45 Blaydes.

Curtis Blaydes defeated Alexander Volkov via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-46)

Josh Emmett vs. Shane Burgos

Round 1 - Low kick from Emmett. Combo from Emmett. Burgos with a low kick. Emmett with a hard right that connects. Jab from Burgos and he Emmett whiffs on the comeback. He follows up with a powerful left hook though. Low kick from Burgos. Jab from Emmett. Burgos with a left hook. They trade low kicks. Right over the top from Emmett. Jab from Burgos. Body shot. Emmett jabs, but eats an inside leg kick. Emmett with a straight right. Body kick from Burgos. Another huge right from Emmett. Inside leg kick from Burgos. Outside now. Again. Another low kick trade. Slapping body kick from Burgos, and again. All action. Burgos digs to the body. Jabs from both men. Emmett goes body-head with huge shots. Left hook from Emmett. Stiff right. Burgos chewing up Emmett’s front leg. Left hook from Burgos. Jab. Again. Emmett shoots in on a single. Burgos lands a coupe of punches. Huge right from Emmett. WOW. 10-9 Emmett.

Round 2 - Emmett with a 1-2 right off the bat. Burgos with a beautiful jab. Emmett might have hurt his knee in the first round. Low kick from Burgos. Again. They both connect with strong right hooks. Jabs from both. Right hook from Emmett. Head kick from Emmett, and a right. Left and an inside leg kick from Emmett. Burgos with a hard inside leg kick. Straight right from Emmett. Another huge right from Emmett. Emmett knocks out his mouthpiece. Quick restart. Left scores for Emmett. Right from Burgos. Hard jab from Emmett. Everything he throws is 100% power. Huge body shot from Burgos. Jab. Left hook and leg kick from Burgos. Same combo. Hard low kick and front kick from Burgos. Emmett’s output has slowed slightly. Had 1-2 from Burgos. Huge right hook from Emmett! Backfist from Burgos. Front kick from Burgos. Again. Emmett with a left hook Burgos with a high kick. Another fire round. 10-9 Burgos, but barely.

Round 3 - Low kick from Emmett. He’s stepping up the action. Burgos with a low kick. A jab from Emmett puts Burgos down on his butt! Emmett jumps into his full guard. Emmett posturing up and Burgos gets up. Body shot from Emmett. Jab from Emmett, but Burgos lands a low kick to the cup. Cornuts cam confirms. Emmett takes his time before the restart. Body kick from each man. Leg kick from Burgos. Emmett with two right hooks. Another. More leg kicks from Burgos. I can barely keep up. Huge left hook from Emmett drops Burgos again! Emmett is in his guard trying to land shots. Two minutes to go. Burgos bucks him off and gets up. Jab from Burgos. Burgos with a 1-2. Another big right from Emmett. Inside leg kick from Burgos. Another stiff jab from Burgos. Uppercut and a right from Burgos. 50 seconds. Burgos has to go. Emmett with a right. Another huge right from Emmett! HOW DID BURGOS TAKE THAT?!? That was insane. Burgos bloodied but still coming. Body kick from Burgos. They battle to the horn. WOW. That was a fight of the year candidate. 10-9 and 29-28 Emmett.

Josh Emmett defeated Shane Burgos via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)

Raquel Pennington vs. Marion Reneau

Round 1 - Both looking to jab, but are way out of range. Low kick from Pennington. Left hook. Another left hook scores, and they clinch. Short elbow. They separate. Combo from Pennington. Back to the clinch. Reneau can’t get anything going. Pennington misses with an elbow and Reneau takes her back standing. She lands some knees to the thigh. 10-9 Pennington.

Round 2 - Superwoman punch from Pennington. Reneau kicking the legs. Short elbow from Pennington. They’re a lot busier already. Knee from Reneau. Pennington takes a hard knee low and grimaces in pain. She takes a couple of minutes to recover. Low kick from Pennington on the restart. She flurries while Reneau tries to clinch. Pennington with a hard knee from the Thai clinch. Reneau lands one of her own. More knees frm each lady. Reneau gets a takedown with two minutes to go. Pennington gets her legs out though and pops up. She just jumps on Reneau, who didn’t really move. She frames up a triangle, but Pennington shuts that down with a punch in the face. Pennington lands a leg kick and just misses an uppercut as Reneau gets to her feet. Back to the clinch. They brawl in close. They both land hard elbows. Pennington with another knee. Pennington looking for a takedown now. Reneau working side elbows. 10-9 Pennington.

Round 3 - Both land right hooks and leg kicks. Reneau looks for a takedown. She gets Pennington to her knees. She’s back up. Hard knee from Pennington and Reneau willlingly separates. Pennington with a counter right to the chin after a Reneau body shot. Pennington with a short elbow. Knees. They separate again. Pennington opens up with a big combo but inexplicably looks for a takedown again. 90 seconds to go. Pennington with a huge left on the break. More pressure from Rocky. Reneau with a step-in knee and she shoots. Pennington defends. She spins Reneau around and they battle on the fence. Big elbow and Reneau is hurt. Body knees. Reneau still game to the horn, but she got beat up. 10-9 and 30-27 Pennington.

Raquel Pennington defeated Marion Reneau via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Lyman Good vs. Belal Muhammad

Round 1 - Low kick from Muhammad. Good wades in and they brawl on the inside. Hard knee from Good. Jab from Muhammad. Low kick. Nice jab from Good, and a low kick. Muhammad with a lead uppercut. Good with a 1-2. Body kick from Muhammad. Right over the top. Another low kick. Good misses with a home run right. Low kick from Good. Lots of feinting. Jab from Good. Muhammad responds with his own. Muhammad jumps in with a knee. Good with a hard right over the top. Lead left from Muhammad. 10-9 Muhammad.

Round 2 - Jabs from Muhammad. Muhammad shoots and gets a takedown, but Good is up immediately. Elbow over the top from Muhammad. Eye poke to Muhammad. He’s good to go quickly. Good with a winging right that lands. Good trying to jab. Nice switch kick from Muhammad. Muhammad with a 1-2. Hard kick to the chest from Muhammad. He puts together a nice combination. Good fires back with a big shot. Hard body kick from Muhammad. Good lands a solid shot that wobbles Muhammad. They may have clashed heads. 10-9 Muhammad.

Round 3 - Both men land jabs. High kick from Muhammad. Good jumps in with a left. Calf kick from Good. Huge right from Good staggers Muhammad! The next one knocks him down! He jumps up and grabs a hold of Good. Good gets loose and is trying to finish. Muhammad trying to clear the cobwebs. Knee and an uppercut from Good. Muhammad circling and trying to get back into it. Good with another knee to the body. Muhammad come back with a nice right hook. Body work from Good. Superman punch from Good. Muhammad with a knee and he gets a takedown. Good is up right away though. Body kick from Muhammad. Muhammad shooots again and gets Good down. He jumps on the back with a body triangle, hunting for a choke. Nothing there. 10-9 Good, but 29-28 Muhammad. Great fight.

Belal Muhammad defeated Lyman Good via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Jim Miller vs. Roosevelt Roberts

Round 1 - Front kick from Roberts gets him tripped up by Miller and he jumps on top. Miller works in full guard. Roberts tries to buck him off and Mller looks for a topside guillotine briefly. He’s in half now. He’s looking to mount. Roberts explodes out but Miller secures an armbar! Roberts is defending well. Until he tries to stand up! ROBERTS TAPS! JIM MILLER IS TIMELESS!!!!

Jim Miller defeated Roosevelt Roberts via submission (armbar), 2:25 of round 1

Clay Guida vs. Bobby Green

Round 1 - Outside leg kick from Guida. Green misses with a jab. Knee inside from Green. Guida with a right hook and dives on a takedown attempt. He slams Green to the mat and takes his back! Green up fast though. Green spins out and lands a knee but Guida stays on him. Green pancakes him and works a front headlock to get up. Green goes to the body. Guida with two wild rights. Head kick from Green. Hard inside leg kick from Guida. Counter right from Green. Fast lead right from Green. Guida with his own. Front kicks to the knee from Green. Guida in on a takedown and he just ragdolls Green to the ground. He’s on his back, with Green in turtle. Green back up, but Guida still battling against the cage. They both go to their knees. Hammerfist from Green. Elbow. 10-9 Guida.

Round 2 - Low kick from Guida. Body shot from Green. Front kick to the face, and a two-punch combo from Green! Guida just waved it off like it was nothing. Counter right from Guida just misses. Two knees from Green, and a step-in knee. Short left hook from Guida. Green popping the jab. Thai clinch and some big knees to the body from Green. Guida charges in and looks for a takedown. Green almost went right over the top, but stayed upright and landed another knee. Green with a straight right. He’s just walking forward with his hands down. Green with a right hook. Guida charges in on a single, but Green defends with a guillotine. Both men miss with some punches. Low kick from Green. Nice jab. Low kick from Guida. Guida misses with a head kick. Jump knee from Green is blocked. Guida with a right and looking for a late takedown. He takes the back right at the horn. 10-9 Green.

Round 3 - Green with a lead left jab. Low kick from Guida. Guida with a counter right. Lead left from Green again. Inside leg kick and a right from Guida, and he gets another takedown. Green is on his knees, and lands a couple of elbows. He’s looking at a kimura escape, ala Nick Diaz. Crazy scramble and they’re back up. Green with some jabs. Guida with a left, but he’s countered. Straight left from Green. Green with a straight right as Guida bullrushes him into the fence. Green looks to hit a switch but can’t. He does manage to spin around and get on to briefly. Guida still has his leg though. Green with a few body shots. More body shots from Green. Knee to the belly from Green as they return to the feet. Green finally spins away with 30 seconds to go. Hard left from Green, and again. Guida dives in again. Green stuffs him. Green with some big shots ato the horn as he pins Guida’s arm. 10-9 and 29-28 Green.

Bobby Green defeated Clay Guida via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Tecia Torres vs. Brianna Van Buren

Round 1 - Torres with a body kick right away, and and another. Low kick, and Van Buren charges in for a takedown. She has a bodylock but Torres stays upright. Until she doesn’t. Torres only went down to a knee though, and got back up quick. Another trip, but Torres is right back up. She is warned for grabbing the fence though. Shoulder check from Van Buren. Van Buren looks for a spinning elbow on the break but misses. Torres with a head kick that is blocked. She charges forward, but Van Buren gets a grip on her and they clinch. Torres with a right. She flurries but ends up in the clinch again. Torres with some body work on the break. Torres shoots in for a takedown. She can’t, but they trade knees. Van Buren with a head-and-arm throw at the horn. 10-9 Torres.

Round 2 - Hard leg kick from Van Buren. Jumping front kick from Torres. Another, and she lands some punches. Axe kick! Wow. Van Buren fires back. That was fun. Head kick from Torres connects. Van Buren spins and misses. Torress wades into the clinch. They battle all the way across the cage, still in the clinch. They finally break with just over two minutes to go. Torres wades in with a combo. Hard leg kick. Van Buren with a left. Side kick and a combo from Torrres. Van Buren catches a kick and lands a left. Torres charges with tons of punches. Van Buren with a right. This fight is super fast. Torres with a bunch of kicks. 10-9 Torres.

Round 3 - Van Buren with a straight left. Torres with a combo. Van Buren with a counter right hook. Van Buren catches a kick but can’t do anything with it. Body kick from Torres. Van Buren misses a wheel kick. Oblique kick from Torres. Nice left. Torres spins and lands to the body. She spins again. She’s really going for it. This is the best Tecia Torres has ever looked offensively. Spinning elbow from Van Buren. She’s looking for a takedown. Torres defends. Two minutes left. Van Buren almost hits a trip but Torres whizzers and stays up. Knee inside from Van Buren, and they break. Torres throws a couple of high kicks. Back to the clinch. They brawl out of the clinch and both land. They get after it all the way to the horn. 10-9 and 30-27 Torres.

Tecia Torres defeated Brianna Van Buren via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Marc-Andre Barriault vs. Oskar Piechota

Round 1 - Barriault off to a quick start, bringing pressure. Piechota trying to establish low kicks. He lands a nice uppercut. More kicks. Head kick is blocked. Right hook from Piechota. Left hook from both men. Side kick and pressure from Barriault. Barriault with two lead rights. He looks for an uppercut but misses. Uppercut and a right from Piechota. They battle against the cage. Barriault lands a ffew inside shots that stun Piechota. Hard lead right hook from Barriault. Another uppercut from Piechota, but Barriault responds with his own. Elbow and some body work from Barriault. Body kick. Piechota shoots but eats punches for his efforts. 10-9 Barriault.

Round 2 - Barriault pressures right away again. Leg kick. Piechota with a right. Another. Barriault lands a couple of short punches inside. Uppercut from Piechota as Barriault shoots. He gets the takedown regardless. Piechota is in a seated position against the cage. He has a front headlock, and Barriault isn’t doing anything. So Piechota gets up. He lands a right. Barriault with a 1-2. Barriault lands to the body, then scores with another uppercut. Lead left from Piechota. Barriault throwing big leather but not connecting a ton. Nice combo though. And a kneee. Uppercut drops Piechota! He’s all over him. Piechota falls back and it’s over.

Marc-Andre Barriault defeated Oscar Piechota via TKO (strikes), 4:50 of round 2

Cortney Casey vs. Gillian Robertson

Round 1 - Casey with a lead right hook. Another. Robertson with a takedown. She settles into half. Casey trying to land elbows from the bottom. Robertson works well and gets out to side control. She tries to mount but can’t get it. Back to half. Two minutes left. Methodical top game from Robertson here, but no striking. Casey tries to give up her back. Robertson pulled out to side briefly, but Casey got half guard back. 10-9 Robertson.

Round 2 - Robertson with a light leg kick. Casey with a harder one. Front kick. Right, uppercut, and left all land hard for Casey! Robertson gets in on the legs and takes Casey down 45 seconds in. Robertson has her against the cage, but is in Casey’s full guard. Casey spins and looks for an armbar. Robertson stacks her up and Casey releases it. Robertson gets half and lands a few punches. Robertson is really trying to mount, and to set up an arm-triangle choke. She gives it up and lands a hard hammerfist. Few more punches. 10-9 Robertson.

Round 3 - Casey with a combo. Nice right hook and an inside leg kick. Casey goes body-head. They trade in the middle. Winging right hook from Casey. Another lands. Robertson in on a takedown, and eats a knee. But she drags Casey to the mat. Casey pops up and looks for an armbar! Robertson looks like she’s defending just fine, talking to her corner. Casey gives it up and Robertson stays on top. 90 seconds to go. She posts up for an armbar again. Casey looking for hammerfists from the bottom. Robertson passes to half. Casey with a few body shots. Robertson pops over and takes the back. She immediately sinks a choke! Casey taps!

Gillian Robertson defeated Cortney Casey via submission (rear naked choke), 4:32 of round 3

Frank Camacho vs. Justin Jaynes

Round 1 - They get after it right away. Jaynes throwing heavy leather. Camacho lands a couple of jabs. Two overhand rights and a two huge lefts from Jaynes drops Camacho! He’s back up but getting beaten up against the cage! THE REF STEPS IN! What a debut, on three days notice!

Justin Jaynes defeated Frank Camacho via TKO (strikes), :41 of round 1

Roxanne Modafferi vs. Lauren Murphy

Round 1 - Low kick from Murphy. Nice right as well. Outside leg kick from Murphy, and another right. Roxy can’t get much going over the first 90 seconds. She finally wades in with a flurry and gets Murphy against the fence. They battle in the clinch. Modafferi looking for a trip but Murphy defends well. Murphy finally spins away. Murphy with a jab to the body and kicks the front leg. Modafferi lands a straight right. Jab from Roxy. Roxy looks to flurry again. Head kick from Murphy is blocked. Murphy with a nice counter off a Roxy jab. 10-9 Murphy.

Round 2 - Roxy gets after it immediately. Modafferi hits a spinning kick. Jab from Murphy. Hard right and Modafferi begs off. Murphy presses forward but eats a right in return. Both ladies land straight rights. Reaching left hook from Murphy. Modafferi with a combination. Knee up the middle from Murphy. Modafferi lands a right and ties Murphy up. Knee to the belly from Murphy in the clinch. Modafferi trying to get down to the legs, but Murphy’s underhooks are allowing her to defend well. Murphy pushes forward and gets a brief takedown. Back up, and now she slams Roxy. Murphy is on her back, looking for a choke. 1:15 to go. Murphy ends up on her back looking for an arm. Nothing there, so she pushes Modafferi off with her feet. They end up back on the feet in the clinch. Modafferi drags Murphy to her knees and they’re stuck in a weird 50/50 position. They return to the feet. 10-9 Murphy.

Round 3 - Leg kick from Modafferi. Another. Counter left from Roxy. Murphy with an uppercut. Elbow from Roxy. Murphy with a nice straight right. Another. They flurry, and Roxy pushes Murphy against the cage. She still can’t get a takedown though. She lands some light knees to the body. Halfway through the final round. Murphy pushes Modafferi away and they reset. Hard right from Roxy. Low kick from Murphy. Another right from Roxy. Counter right and leg kick from Murphy. They both land rights. 45 seconds to go. They both throw, but Murphy gets the best of it. Nice left from Murphy now. She takes Modafferi to the mat late. 10-9 and 30-27 Murphy.

Lauren Murphy defeated Roxanne Modafferi via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Austin Hubbard vs. Max Rohskopf

Round 1 - Rohskopf throws a side kick to the head. They trade low kicks. Jab from Rohskopf, but Hubbard lands a left. Inside and outside leg kick from Rohskopf. Hubbard with two hard rights. Rohskopf with a right and he’s in on a takedown attempt. He just misses with a knee, then slams Hubbard to te ground. He’s working in side. Hubbard swept him and landed a hard knee as the got to the feet. Rohskopf grabs a leg and tries a few different things to get Hubbard down. He’s attacking a leg lock now. Hubbard trying to defend. Rohskopf is fast. He looks for a heel hook, but Hubbard defends and gets up. He lands a knee on the way. Body kick from Rohskopf is caught and Hubbard lands a left. Counter right as well. Uppercut from Hubbard. They trade inside leg kicks. Jab and a hard right from Hubbard. 10-9 Rohskopf.

Round 2 - Rohskopf in on an Imanari roll immediately. It doesn’t work but he manages to trip Hubbard to the mat anyway. He attacks a topside guillotine. Hubbard bucks him off again though. Hard combo from Hubbard. Left from Rohskopf. Low kick lands to the cup of Rohskopf. There’s no break. Hubbard with a left and a low kick. Two more kicks and a huge right hook from Hubbard! Another lands, and he’s scoring with a couple of knees. Another huge combo wobbles Rohskopf . Two more rights! A left hook! Rohskopf is still there but these are very hard shots. Another right against the fence. Hard low kick now. Rohskopf looks exhausted and he’s basically just covering up. Body shot and a right to the head from Hubbard. Rohskopf is cut around the eye. Low kicks from Hubbard. Another wicked shot to the body. One more right hook and a body shot to close it out. 10-9 Hubbard.

In between rounds, Rohskopf pleads with his corner to call off the fight. Robert Drysdale tried to give him a pep talk, but he was done. The ref asked him if he wanted to continue fighting, and he said no. Wow.

Austin Hubbard defeated Max Rohskopf via TKO (retirement), 5:00 of round 2