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Tony Ferguson calls out Conor McGregor with GTA-inspired video clip

Tony Ferguson calls out Conor McGregor via Instagram.

Tony Ferguson could be looking to rebound from his loss to Justin Gaethje with a win against Conor McGregor.

Ferguson called out ‘McNugget’ on Monday with the following Grand Theft Auto-inspired video clip.

“‘Mcnugget⚔️Monday’ Make UFC Great Again # MUGA -CSO- # SnapDownCity # DarceKnightRises # NoSauce # Old Clip,” Ferguson posted Monday.

Ferguson and McGregor were once clients under Paradigm Sports, but ‘El Cucuy’ left the management company in 2019 to sign with Ballengee Group. The former interim UFC lightweight champion said Paradigm didn’t want him to fight McGregor but, under Ballengee Group, there is nothing to prevent Ferguson from pursuing the matchup.

Unfortunately for Ferguson, however, McGregor is currently retired. The former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion announced his retirement earlier this month, citing boredom and a lack of interesting matchups on the horizon. McGregor also accused the UFC of trying to stomp all over him in fight negotiations.