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UFC Vegas 2 results: Cynthia Calvillo wins decision over Jessica Eye in main event

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Cynthia Calvillo just defeated Jessica Eye by decision in the UFC Vegas 2 main event.

The UFC Vegas 2 main event has just concluded with the promotion’s #10 ranked strawweight, Cynthia Calvillo, stepping up in weight to face the UFC’s #1 ranked women’s flyweight, Jessica Eye. The striking matchup throughout was pretty competitive, but it was on the ground where Calvillo thrived the best. She controlled and threatened with sub attempts, doing enough to earn a unanimous decision. Calvillo has now made quite the splash in a new division that is thirsty for a new challenger to the dominant queen, Valentina Shevchenko.

The first round was quite competitive. Both fighters were pumping their jabs and looking for openings to land. The power was on the side of Eye, but Calvillo seemed to hold the speed advantage. Calvillo started to take control int he second act. She began to land a lot more with her hands, and then was able to get the fight to the floor. She controlled from the back for quite some time. The final round saw some more back and forth on the feet. They took turn exchanges jabs and crosses, and then Calvillo blasted a takedown. She was able to control from the top, and even took the back again towards the end of the round.

Calvillo wasted no time going for a takedown in the fourth round. She quickly took the back and began to control. Several ground strikes were dropped before Eye worked back to her feet. In open space, Calvillo started to slow down just enough to let Eye back into it. The final round saw a ton of jabs from both fighters. They were probing and sticking with it, looking to build off of it with their power hand. Calvillo hit another takedown towards the end of the round, but lost psotioin while attempting a Peruvian Necktie. Eye escaped and returned to her feet, but couldn’t produce a finish before time ran out.

Cynthia Calvillo def. Jessica Eye by unanimous decision (49-46 x2, 48-47): (W) Flyweight